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Hello Supervillain,

I'm sorry you are having these crash issues.  Would you be able to tell me where you were in game and what you have been doing when the crashes occur?  Also, would you happen to have a save file where these crashes have been occurring as well?  If needed, you can find instructions on where the saves are located here.  If you could send that to me at support@obsidian.net along with a link to this thread that would be great as I will see that much sooner than I will the forum posts.

Thank you, and sorry for the trouble this has been causing.

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I'm also experiencing frequent crashes since the 5.0 update. Three in the past few days. Two occurred on area transitions and one immediately after winning a boarding fight (forcing me to do the fight again). Logs are attached.

Dropping a large update like 5.0 inevitably introduces new bugs. The game will need at least one more patch to address these new issues before it's "done".

2019-05-20_204944.zip 2019-05-18_234406.zip 2019-05-20_225756.zip

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Legit same I cant get 20 or 30 min in game without a crash somewhere random and now I'm stuck in a big ship battle that I cant beat cause it crashes once I'm halfway done. Half my game time has been me redoing things I have done already to make up for the crash and i save scum like crazy now to help mitigate this issue.

Muh replay-ability :( 

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