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  1. Or, to repeat my question from the first post, am I just missing something and this isn't a bug?
  2. I occasionally have this problem as well, but only when I try to load a save from ingame.
  3. Here is the output-log and the DxDiag, if this helps. output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  4. Hi! I have a question about Sissak in Forgotten Sanctum:Apparently I should be able to resolve this peacefully if I give him the Warden Contract. I do have this contract, but I can't give it to him, only say that I might look for it, which leads to fighting him.Is this a bug, or am I missing something?
  5. How on earth am I supposed to win against Nemnok though? I'm level 18/19, so most of his his minions are rather easy. But he himself always casts Llengrath's Displaced Image and Arcane something, and even in the few small moments where he isn't protected by that, I still barely do any real damage to him. Is there any special kind of weapon or ability I can use to actually win this thing?
  6. Hi! Until today I never had any serious bug issues with Deadfire, but now I entered the Hall of the Unseen, and every time I want to leave it the game crashes (while loading the overland map). I have savegames from before, so it's okay for now, but I really want to play The Forgotten Sanctum in a while, which I guess won't be possible if I can't leave the place afterwards. Is there anything I can do, or are y'all aware of the problem and will fix it? (Savegame apparently too big to upload.)
  7. Okay, but Onekaza won't immediatly declare war on me if I fail her quest either, so there's that... I think I want to stay out of this as best as I can, granted none of you will tell me that that'd mean both factions would be destroyed as a consequence or something like that, or that I would miss out something terribly important because of not completing any of those quests.
  8. I heared that there will be no major repercussions for me if I just don't resolve the dispute either way and leave these factions quests unfinished at that point, right? That seems to be the most favorable solution to me atm, since I generally lean towards Furrante, but don't want to destroy the Wahiki tribe, especially after I learned their "hidden purpose".
  9. I whole-heartedly agree. It's good that we can just ignore the ships and sail past them, but I would like to turn respawn off for another reason: The sense of accomplishment when I have cleared an area! That's why I generally hate respawn (except when it's done very conservatively and in a realistic/believeable way). I want to feel safe and secure when I return to an area I defeated all enemies in.
  10. Okay, I just managed to do it, and for those interested in how to achieve that: you have to sneak your way in right from the start. Go through the West gate (need at least one char with Stealth above 10), and then sneak along the left wall staying as unnoticed as you can. I still needed to kill a few Radcerans, but I kept the numbers low. So now I was able to get a peaceful solution. PS: Kudos to the RPGCodex, who pointed me towards the right direction again.
  11. How can I solve "The Iron flail" quest peacuefully? While talking to Adaryc I chose every [intelligence]- and [Resolve]-option I had, but in the end he still wanted to fight me. Any particular answers besides the skill based ones I should chose?
  12. So turns out it ain't broken after all. The good folks over at the RPGCodex suggested taking a char with good mechanics with me and go into sneaking mode. - Alas, it appeared!
  13. Hi! First a screenshot, it's supposed to be here, right? And I'll send the link to the savegame via PM.
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