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So I started a new game to try out the turn based mode (I like it so far, even if it's kind of slow), but it's really made me notice how often grazes occur.  It seems like a ludicrous number of my attacks result in grazes, even when my to-hit chance on each character is 85% or higher on most enemies.  I noticed it first during the first little dungeon when you just have Eder with you, and it has been keeping up, so I decided to actually track how many attacks I made during the Engwithan Dig Site and how many resulted in grazes.  It's almost 80%.  What gives?

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The to-hit % above a char's head is the percentage for anything to not miss; it includes the graze range. So that 85% or higher is 85% to at least graze, not 85% to hit.


What gives? Well, if you're using Eder and Xoti, PER: 12. That's a pretty low score before you start getting items/buffs/levels. They're not gonna be great at hitting the stuff on Port Maje.

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Due to complaints about misses in turn-based mode the range of graze has been extended. It is still possible to miss, but it is rare. Tooltip above enemie's for some reason shows chance to graze, which results in most attacks being 80%-100%, which is unhelpful. 


Patch Notes for

Balance Changes

  • Characters will Graze on attack rolls of 1-49 in Turn-Based mode instead of 25-49.
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