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Any idea why True love's kiss doesn't get triggered when using Whispers of the wind? The description says attacks from stealth trigger the effect the same as the Stalking cloak and Mask of the Grotto both of which work fine with Whispers of the wind. I can only get True love's kiss to trigger on my first attack from stealth. If it did work it would be ridiculously strong so I'm not saying it needs to be fixed, I just want to understand why the other items work but it doesn't.

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TLK doesn't work with Shadowing Beyond either, or whatever the name of the combat stealth ability is. :(

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This is really annoying.  I've been trying to use that dagger to take advantage of that raw damage until the end of battle ability, but I never really noticed that it never proc'd.  Frankly, it really shouldn't be that difficult to use.  It might be better if it was just a once per encounter ability that you could use under any circumstance, though perhaps with a bonus to accuracy enhanced by the wielder's amount of Stealth skill.


For now, I guess that I'll just put that dagger back in my stash, and use the animancer's energy blade.  I just picked that one up last night and damn but my swashbuckler loves it!

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Just use a Battle Axe with Bleeding Cuts. DoT is very long lasting, it works in all situations and it stacks.


Not really a stealthy weapon though.


No idea why True Lover's Kiss only works from stealth and not invisibility. Seems like an oversight.

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