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Let's talk about Rakhan Field Boots

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Specifically the No Quarter ability it gives. I did a quick search on the forums and couldn't find topic regarding these. As a refresher:


  • No Quarter
  • Uses: 1 per encounter
  • Cast Time: 0.5 sec
  • Recovery Time: 4.0 sec
  • Range: 6m
  • Noise: Quiet (Use) / Quiet (Impact)
  • Effects:
    • Target:
      • Interrupt | Accuracy vs. Deflection
      • Full Attack


I did some testing regarding something else and discovered you can hit yourself with this ability. Also it's usable outside of combat and as such recovers uses constantly, so it can be used to stack some on-hit buffs before combat while playing solo.


What are some good gears to combo with this knowledge? Already tested with Scordeo's Trophy, which grants either 5% Recovery Time or 10% Melee Weapon Recovery, depending on enchants, and these stack with each stack expiring independently, but also increasing in duration independently using WoD / SoT. Works great.


So, any other good combos?

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Lover's Embrace with that boots it's gouging strike for everybody.
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Avenging Storm + Hand Mortar + Fire in the Hole + No Quarter is a nice "surprise" AoE attack for every close standing mob. Since it skips reload (and stealth gives you 85% recovery bonus) you can follow up with two additonal AoE shots right away. Also not very risky since most enemies will be stunned (or dead).

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