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I Found A Six-Man Party Mod On Nexus

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Thank you for advertising ;)


I play with the mod since the release of the game (in RTwP) and since the release of TB, I restarted a run to test it.


For now, I have not see any major bugs, sometimes some glitches (ie nexus for more details)


Updated to version 1.2
Fix :
- Party don't move to marker point to change maps
- Party spawn packed on map start.
- Party spawn packed on cutscene start
- Party move packed on cutscene
- To test : Can't climb the cliff in Beast Of Winter

Feel free to give me your feedback

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Big fan of this one! It even somewhat balances itself out by splitting EXP between 6 instead of 5, so there's a meaningful tradeoff for bringing a 6th.


6 party members is a lot stronger than 5, but the RP feels a lot better with 6. Justifies bringing companions that you might not otherwise bring.

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This is great! The tone and this are the reasons i haven’t played the game yet even after a huge hype. I will definitely start my playthrough with this when i get time

Ed: @Tyr62, any chance you add a 14 members version if possible?

Just to get all the content, ugly interface doesn’t matter.

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