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So, what exactly is advantage Arcane Reflection has over Minor Reflection? Simply the number of spells reflected?

I'm not seeing it as much of an advantage unless it counts per reflected projectile, 15 spells reflected from minor at first glance seem more than enough

Change my mind

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It's spell levels, not spells. That should mean it can reflect a lot of Thrust of Tattered Veils (spell level 1) but only two Killing Bolts (spell level 7). I never use those though because they only reflect targeted spells - those are spells that you have to target directly on an enemy. AoE spells won't get affected.  

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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AH, i see my mistake now.

Thank you.

You never use it? Does it not pay off when fighting spellcasters?
It might not reflect a fireball but due to missiles, lance/bolt or Orb seems like something it one should keep in the backpocket

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Almost never.


That doesn't mean it's not good. It's just pretty circumstancial so I simply forget about it. :)

Dude, script that ****!


I use it all the time. Literally, because I have an AI script to make sure.


There is a reason the AI always drops it, it is extremely potent.

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I also don't play with AI. I occasionally cast it, more so with a martial caster. Finding that I very rarely get targeted with anything relevant to be reflected. Not sure if it plays a deterrent role in AI scripting though. It is possible that I don't get targeted exactly because I have cast it.


Edit: FS was one of the places where I was getting targeted - by missile salvo, which is pretty devistating. Once cast I did not get targeted and mostly steam rolled through that part.

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I usually have somebody to wreck the enemy back line. I love arcane reflection because if the enemy is putting that up he's not casting spells on me. That's 0.4 seconds to smash their face :D


I forget putting up arcane reflection myself

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