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[Turn Based] Hovering mouse of potential target plays "I can't do that" dialog


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Valid point--it's ridiculous to hear your party memeber say "Not going to happen!" right before they take the bow shot or the sabre slash that ends the fight... ;)  I tried lowering the party selection chatter to 30% but that seems to not have affected this at all.  I'm sure Obsidian will fix this because it's incongruent to the max.  I was about to make the same point myself!


The problem is that as we are ranging the mouse pointer on the screen as we move it to select an enemy, the engine interprets that as asking the character to move beyond the amount of spaces he has points remaining to cover--and this prompts the "no can do" chatter when an attack is 100% doable--at least, that seems like what is happening.  I'm sure they have noticed this--well, I would guess, anyway... ;)

It's very well known that I don't make mistakes, so if you should stumble across the odd error here and there in what I have written, you may immediately deduce--quite correctly--that I did not write it... :biggrin:

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