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atrubute effects in turn based mode

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is intellect + -ability duration useless for class abilities with less than 2 round duration? can't drop below -35% and cant reach +50%. similarly is +-hostile effect duration from resolve also useless against abilities with less than 4 round duration?


does extremely high or low initiative ever give you extra or fewer turns? Seems it makes high dexterity, equipping light armor, and using fast weapons FAR less enticing than the old mode if it just effects turn order.

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Dex modifies your initiative for each round. I don't know by how much.

I guess by the % showed near Dex as bonus to action speed. Lower initiative is better and armors add % to it like +35% so it become higher which means worse. And such +35% feel similar to bonuses from every point put in Dex. Those Initiative values are low numbers and they are unaffected by RNG probably so it make sense maxed out for quicker action in turn.


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There is a thread in the Builds/Strategies subforum discussing tactics in turn-based that has some discussion of the value of initiative. One post in particular makes a nice case that initiative matters, and so dex isn't a dump stat. I'm not sure how important I think initiative is.


It certainly seems to me of less overall importance than action speed is in real-time. But that isn't the same thing as "not important," and doesn't automatically call for a revision to the system by the devs.

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