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  1. If you complete the spell in the same round, it never seems to happen. It only happens when your cast goes off in the next round, which doesnt happen too often for me since my Wizard has resonably low Init. I've had it happen with Chill Fog and Rolling Flame Sphere (or whatever it's called). You can test it for yourself by delaying your Wizard's turn so (s)he's last in round 1 and then cast Chill Fog. It will go off in the next round and your Wizard will be left without an action for that round. Well, sometimes at least. As I said I haven't figured out what might cause it but it doesn't always happen. I've barely made it to the open sea, since I've been pretty busy so more testing might reveal what's going on (or at least what's triggering this behavior).
  2. The problem is not that a spell might trigger the next round. The problem is that it actually cost you your action in the next round, leaving you only with movement (well, and free actions). Even that fact alone wouldn't be too bad if it was by design. But the fact that it sometimes hapens and sometimes not with no rhyme or reason is a huge bug at best and terrible design at worst.
  3. The worst part is that it doesn't always seem to happen. Not even with the same spell. When I cast Chill Fog across two rounds, sometimes it does cost me both actions and sometimes it doesn't. I haven't figured out yet what's causing this.
  4. Just in case you're not aware: When you hover the curser above ANY action (like a spell, ability or over an anemey for basic attack), the initative order shows you when your next turn comes up and when a spell will trigger (if applicable).
  5. In turn based games losing a turn for reloading is a bad idea. Even if your eventual shot is strong enough to makes up for the damage lost (and remember that it can always miss), you're still standing around for a whole turn with no ability to react to whatever is happening around you. Guns do seem quite strong in turn-based but I don't think reloading taking an action is a good solution. Maybe reloading could cost your movement or something.
  6. I dont think its true. If it is then the system is even worse than I thought. Totally exploitable and unbalanced Didn't have the opportunity to go too far into the game, but I did get a Wizard to Port Maje and when fighting the Looters, I won initiative and cast Chill Fog. It went off at the first initiative spot of the next round and my Wizard definitely could only move (and take free actions) that round but not act (neither cast nor attack). Only one of the Looters acted in the first round, for some reason. I did the fight multiple times and it was not even the same one on every try. Not sure what was going on there but maybe the first round of combat was some kind of surprise round or something? So this Initative behavior MIGHT be limited to the first round of combat but even then I see no reason why a caster should not be able to act ever turn if melee/ranged characters can do so. My Wizard has quite high Dex so I didn't manage to get a spell cast the next turn at any of the later rounds. I'd need to test it with a low dex wizard in heavy armor. Spells tend to be more powerful than martial abilities but I thought the balancing factor was the risk of getting interrupted. EDIT: Ok, I did some more testing. I tried to delay my turn so I'd be last in Initative in round two. If I then cast Chill Fog so it goes off in the next round, it doesn't cost me an additional action. Can't do more testing right now, but I definitely lose an action if I cast chill fog in round 1 (and the cast doesn't go off until round two). However, this doesn't seem to affect Xoti if I have her cast a spell with casting time in round one. I officially have no idea what's happening there. Maybe this specific encounter is broken or you only use an action if you cast a spell with higher casting time (Xoti's spell had a shorter Cast than Chill Fog).
  7. Low Dex and heavy armor will seriously hamper your casters. If you cast a spell and no combatant has a lower Init than your spell, it goes off at the beginning of the next round AND will eat up your caster's action for that round. Having a very high initative/dex allows a caster to cast every round, but being slow will result in only one action every two rounds. The same rule applies to enemy casters from what I can tell. So if you go with the "make the whole party super slow" tactics, you'll probably eat a spell every round and might even be too slow to interrupt any but the slowest of enemies spells. Come to think of it, you can probably exploit this. Give your casters high speed and make at least one party member so slow that he/she's almost guaranteed to act after your spells go off. That should mostly guarantee that you can cast a spell every round.
  8. From what I can tell, you don't gain more or fewer turns or actions no matter how much Dex/Action speed you have. There's a post on reddit that tries to gather ifnormation about he whole initiative/action speed/casting time thing.
  9. I second this. I didn't have much time to play with the new patch so far, but I'm still trying to figure out how Initiative, action speed and casting time interact. So far my only feedback would be "There needs to be an extensive tutorial for the turn-based mode." A blogpost explaining how it works (or is suposed to work) would be extremely helpful.
  10. To those who are disappointed that it's "only" a card game (and frankly, I count myself among them). It's been said before, but let me say it again: Paizo does more things with Pathfinder than just the RPG. The card game is pretty successful and they keep releasing new stuff for it constantly (at least a new 100+ cards set every two month). It's NOT a competetive game like Magic, not a Trading Card game with hundreds of boosters. It's a cooperative game for 1-4 players who play against the game itself, with a sequence of challenges based on the Adventure Paths for the PnP RPG. For more infos, including some Youtube vids on the matter, see HERE. The partnership isn't for the Pathfinder PRG, it's for Pathfinder as a whole. That includes the card game. I'm looking forward to the tablet game and I hope we'll see a real CRPG in the future. Also, more news are said to be revealed this weekend. Maybe we'll get something worth discussing then. EDIT: Also, a new Post from Paizo CEO Lisa Stevens from 20 minutes ago: Source: http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2rdai?What-is-this#33
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