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AFAIK level scaling happens on loading the map. You could enter the sepulchers then leave- come back when you're a higher level. Changing difficulty while in the loaded area won't change the encounters. 


I haven't had any issues once I reach level 10+ with enemies that are 3 levels ahead of me.


I will say that the change to agro (bug? glitch? gameplay feature?) does make the battles significantly more difficult. I'm cool with that, as I like a good challenge- but I can see why it would be frustrating to others. 

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Level scaling scales the enemies level up/down by four levels.


I.E. A level 2 character runs into a level 14 enemy, the enemies level changes to level 10. Likewise, if a level 14 character runs into a level 2 enemy, the enemy scales up to level 6. 


When I originally did hanging sepulchers I was able to stealth around, grab each skelly individually and gank them. Now you can't really do that without attracting all their skelly friends. 

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The difficulty spikes are much different in this game than in the last. I suppose it does have something to do with the more open nature. In a way that's cool, but it can be a bit of a drag when you're cruising along and suddenly every foe around you makes you feel weak.


Having said that, I did have an easier time of hanging sepulchers when I took the side route instead of the main one. It was a little easier to pick off lone skeletons once I made it past the first big group.


Don't forget to look at your weapons too, and make sure you're dealing the right type of damage for enemies in that area.

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