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Important to note that combusting wounds damage doesn't show up in the combat log. It sorta "just happens" and all you can really get out of it is that the enemy dies faster (and you maybe see a fire effect trigger). So just because you don't see any damage numbers in the combat log doesn't mean it's not working.


It was the same way in PoE1. Made me really surprised when I discovered that a chanter with the level 1 draining chant + wizard with combusting wounds = very dead enemies very quickly.

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kind of weird why it wasn't shown on combat log. i didn't notice that mob die faster though. my understanding it works by per hit.

so on a CWed enemy, minoletta, blunderbuss or damage with high number of hits should kill them pretty fast. but i didn't quite notice it. have to check it out again. thanks!

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If you hit an enemy with Minor Missiles who has no Combusting Wounds and compare it to an enemy who has you will see a big difference. Especially if the missiles don't fully penetrate.


You can watch the effects of CW best if you cast Wall of Flames on two enemies: one with CW and the other without.


The dmg numbers will be shown above the heads but NOT in the combat log.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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