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Please allow us to mix magran's fire with berath blessing

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Obligatory +1 from me.

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I thought this is coming next patch? Am I hallucinating?


I think you are, understandably, conflating several things.


A) In the last patch they made it so that the Magran's Fire can now be played on any difficulty, not just PotD


B) In the last patch they also fixed a loop hole that enabled us to play with both Magran's Fire and Berath's Blessings - when people commented on this, SChin mentioned that it might be done in the future, but for now they wanted to fix the bug that allowed the circumvention (and that the fix would also make it easier for Obsidian to allow players to have both the Fire's and the Blessings in the future).


So I believe that nothing has been confirmed (and from a pedantic POV, it may come in the next major patch, but certainly not in the patch that will come after 3.1 (3.1.1), as its content seems to have been locked down).

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