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I finished POE2 first time with Celebrant.

I had such a fun, but it was challenging, despite playing on easy mode. I also rushed the end.


That was before Beast of Winter.


I wish to complete the game second time. I paid this game too much for one playthrough. Ever since then, I was trying to complete it second time, with no dice.


I'm currently playing a priest cipher and trying to get into Fort Deadlight and recruit Mirke. I have no flag, so I trying to find a way to find it or to complete Delver's row quests.

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Priest cipher....unless your goal is to get special dialogue options, it's a very weak combination. And you can, actually, steal a flag from Mad Morena's chest - you can get to her with or without a bloodbath, it's up to you.

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Erm. Priest/Cipher is pretty decent.


Charm/Dominate, Mind Blades, Ancestor's Memory, Disintegrate, Beams, Mental binding from Cipher, plus Salvation of Time, BDD, Devotions, Heals, Resurrections from Priest.


Probably a beast of a character for managing afflictions/inspirations as well. 

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