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I've got a pretty good understanding of how most of the skills work regarding mechanics on consumables. But I'm not 100% sure how Stealth and Sleight of Hand work in depth mechanically.


So, We all know that when you increase your stealth, it makes you harder to detect (harder to see in the vision cone, harder to hear in the sound circle). I'm curious as to what exactly dictates this. Is it distance? is it an extended stealth "timer"? is it both?


When you put a point in stealth, does it decrease the distance in which enemies notice you? or does it just slow the stealth "timer"? and most importantly by how much per point? Some enemies notice you quicker than others. Is our stealth compared against enemy/npc perception? Power level?


Now for Sleight of Hand, it seems that so long as you are actively in stealth, you can view what's in the enemy's inventory regardless of your Sleight of Hand skill. Similarly, it seems you can put explosives in their pockets regardless of your Sleight of Hand skill.


However, if they have a shiny item you want to steal, depending on your sleight of hand skill, you may not be able to steal it. Is this based off of the enemy/npc's perception or power level? or is it based off of the value of the item your trying to lift?


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Stealth - I don't know about distance (I don't think so - at least the hearing circle is the same size, regardless of your 1 or 20 stealth, and the detection bar starts filling immediately after you're inside) - but high stealth makes the detection fill MUCH MUCH slower. Like ten times slower, if comparing very high to very low stealth.


Pickpocketing items seems to be based on the item's value.


It would be nice to have a detailed guide on all these different mechanics and values. But I think most people don't bother with things like Sleight of Hand, and if you make a build with both, you generally are good enough to steal and sneak what you need, so you don't pay too much attention to the minute details and mechanics, as long as it works.

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Yeah, it's just morbid curiosity. :p


In general when I want to be sneaky or pickpocket stuff, pump points into Stealth and Sleight of Hand. My curiosity just wants to know the "how".


I've noticed that stealth doesn't seem to reduce the enemies/npc's sight "cone", but when they are stationary vs walking around it changes.


My guess is that it's stealth vs perception as some enemies can see you quicker than others. And the thing that actually changes is the stealth "timer".

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