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"Issues with Nvidia Graphics Cards" - Fixed?



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18 hours ago, pomenitul said:

Reddit user guyincognito_17 just linked to a potential fix:

Yeah, it's a well known (in certain circles) tweak, basically useful for every game. My advice is to not setting shedule every 5 minutes, because when you playing, game also stores cache in your RAM (for fast map loading, for example), and this data will also be cleaned every 5 mins, forcing your game to upload data from hard drive once again and, possibly, cause another stuttering, during the process.

Run Cache Cleaner once, before starting the game. It should be enough.

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I have been getting a regular interval stutter now 😕  POE 1 had micro stutter, but it is way worse for me here and sometimes I will get that interval stutter.  I think I am done.  I tried everything on the forums and reddit, posted my saved games here to no avail.  Its a shame because I think the content of Deadfire is awesome.

Have gun will travel.

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