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Mirrored Image provides a much higher Deflection bonus (+30 at full power), but it diminishes with each hit. Displaced Image bonuses are static (+10, but also helps Reflex) .

They don't stack. But once Mirrored is down, Displaced will take over.


Mirrored might be really good if you can mostly avoid being hit.


I guess usually use both as a Trickster? You'll have better defenses early, when it counts the most.

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Generally mirrored is enough for most encounters - it is cheap and you can recast it if it gades plus if you are sword and board and or a paladin mirrored image often is the only thing you need on top of your great defenses save displaced for "longer" boss encounters. 

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Why not both?


Higher defense early, when it counts the most. Moderate defense throughout encounters.


The problem is cost though. 3 Guile is really prohibitive - even at level 20.


Also, for melees, you might not want to spend so much time casting if you want to start the fight with Charge/Shadow Step, etc. to interrupt dangerous casters.


Anyways, it's amazing how all my questions are answered in prior threads. But it takes forever to search for them! ;)

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