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More Hardwood + Round Holes = Lots of Scoring in Basketball 2K19

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the nuggets sure love being down 3-1

(e): dang, raptors eliminated too, no-one left for me to cheer for really, especially since the nuggets are clearly a cut below the rest even though they somehow just barely keep holding on (e to my edit): guess the clippers (assuming the nuggets eliminated), since they've been terrible their entire existence while everyone else is like bb royalty

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lmao, the Lakers better watch out if they go up 3-1

also: "Denver is the first team in NBA history to come back from multiple 3-1 deficits in a single postseason"

also also: this will somewhat make people forget about the Bucks' horrible collapse, so that's great, too

also also also: I guess I'm cheering for Denver and Miami now, can't really see Denver making it after the absolute bone-grinding gauntlet they've been through, but I didn't see them making it out of this round either, so

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