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Character died without get inuries





after I got the Fonferrus ship and I'm ready to Ukaizo with principi fleet, something strange is happening.


Each time one of my character dies (in any way) , he doens't take an injury as I expect but he die permanently and his portrait disappears.


I have tried to reload but the behavior doesn't change.


Is it a bug?


I give you a link of the savegame: https://mega.nz/#!dsgjDIZT!STLUkp45d3-VLROF3fhUImFp9xauS364USwWVN1C9CI


Thanks a lot!



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Hello Griso,


I'm sorry about this character death bug.  Another player reported this to us as well, so I have added your save game to the bug report so that the team has more data to work with and get a fix in.  We hope to have this resolved as quickly as possible to make your playing experience smoother.


Thank you for the help, and sorry for the inconvenience this is causing.

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No problem. :)


This "bug" gets reported every now and then.


But there is also a real" bug where companions die when falling unconcious - without using that special pet.


However, those players did have the pet at some point but switched it out - still the perma-death on knockout persists.


I hope you don't run into that one. :)

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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