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Hey guys, can someone who has used both give a recommendation please?


Toxic Strike vs. Ring the Bell? Which deals more damage total, given a very high intel build.



I can't answer your exact question, but I did recently discover that ring the bell can be upgraded (next level) to give a damage (and maybe accuracy) bonus for ranged attacks, if you are a ranged build, I believe.

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Toxic Strike with high INT does tremendous damage. Each tick added ~10 dmg (can't remember exactly) for me. So it's like 5, 15, 25, 35, 45 and so on. That was with the Deep Leap Scout.


With high INT it's a lot stronger than Ring the Bell if you like to apply it and then attack another target (because the one with Toxic Strike might die anyways most of the time).

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With upgrade Ring the Bell is pretty sick with Xefa's Blunderbuss plus another weapon on single target upfront damage. You overpenetrate usually because that blunderbuss has extra pen and damage bonuses. I think it can easily do 150 damage upfront with just that one weapon on hit+whatever other damage the other weapon does in a full attack. You should do a few tests to see. In the end Ring the Bell is upfront damage spike while Toxic strike is damage over time. 

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Thanks guys, this helped a bunch. I'll go with Toxic Strike. I'm getting a Unbroken/Trickster main tank build started, and this will be my solution for some decent single target dps on those big bosses. He'll have a base intel of 20 so it should work nicely :)

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