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It did in the first game does it in the second game?


It doesnt say it does in the description. 


I noticed that new 5th level arkemyr invis spell lets you atttack while invisible and it doesnt break which is a really good spell was wondering if the rogue does the same?

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You are always untargetable if you are invisible afaik.


I didn't test if the invisibility stays after attacking, but I doubt it. Shadowing Beyond also doesn't mention that invisibility drops after attacking, yet it does.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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The untargetable status goes away after ur second attack, for example: I use Run through from wotep straight out of invis, this makes me visible but untargetable, next time I attack the "untargetable" drops. So I assume that if u use a full attack out of invis both invisibility and untargetable will drop.

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