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[BUG]Confounding Blind duration


I found several bugs of the  ability "Confounding Blind".This ability has two effects : blind and reduce deflection.While blind works perfectly,the deflection effect has some bugs that seriously affect the gameplay.


  1. It(deflection effect) is considered as a benefical effect rather than a negetive effect to enemy,causing that the effect can be removed by ranger's Concussive Tranquilizer and it won't be affected by enemy's resolve (reducing enemy's resolve can extend blind's duration so that it makes the deflection's duration shorter than blind's).This can be easily fixed by editting the stauseffects.gamedataboundle(isHostile : false → true) .
  2. Some factors that can expand the blind effect won't affect the deflection effect(i.e CritHit , perception weakness).This leads to a longer duration of blind effect(compared to deflection),also causing the situation that when deflection effect ends ,the blind effect still exits.
  3. When the effects still exist,another Confounding Blind will only refresh the duration of blind and have no effect on the duration of Deflection(especially when the deflection effect ends while blind effect still exists,mentioned in 1. and 2.).So if you do a second Confounding Blind when enemy is still blind ,the deflection effect won't expand and after it ends,there is a long duration that we can only get the blind effect and it is impossible to get the deflection effect by doing another Confounding Blind until the blind effect ends.


Hoping that it can be fixed in the next patch. :biggrin: 


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Hey Smzh!


Thank you for reporting all of this for Confounding Blind!  I have submitted a bug report for our Systems and QA teams to investigate so they can get any potential fixes in as soon as possible.  Keep an eye on the latest patch notes to see which fixes are getting implemented into the game.


Thanks again for looking into this for us!

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