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[Caveat: The version of the game I am running includes the first of the new DLCs, Beast of Winter, and includes the 2.0 patch that was released around the same time.]


I've posted about this topic before, but in relation to the first Pillars of Eternity game. 


For some players out there, including me, the game will sometimes mysteriously lock up within a few minutes of starting - and playing - the game. 


If you find that this is happening to you and you are using a router: try disconnecting from the internet. You don't need to necessarily go into aeroplane mode - simply disconnect from the WIFI signal to which you are connecting. 


Upon disconnecting, try loading the game again, and see what happens. 


For me, the game works once I'm offline. 


Since I know I am not a statistical anomaly, I am certain there are others out there who will benefit from this information. 


Hope this helps those of you struggling with getting the game to work. 


[Wonderful Devs: do you think this problem is due to a reporting glitch?]


Kind regards, 



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