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Here's a build based on that strategy. I also probably wouldn't make it through a whole playthrough with it, but it IS fun spawning your imp army.


Also, they are both currently bugged and will summon from anything (including inanimate objects) if killed by DoT damage or carnage damage. I don't think this should affect your ranking, but it is fun to get double the imps. :grin:

Thanks for the link looks like a lot of fun :) These kind of creative builds are very hard to take into account when trying to determine their true value. Think I will just end up and make a sidenote with a link to this build as an example. Was thinking of maybe making an own category outside of the S - E Tiers that points out some similar shenanigans.

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Taking a look at your list again, I think Squid's Grasp warrants one more comment. You write: "Decent defensive option for dps frontliner. Very useful in solo play, bit less useful in party play."


Which is true enough so far as it goes, but there's one other really good use for it. You've already written about Kapana Taga that it is pretty bonkers for a tank when combined with Reckless Brigandine, but it gets even more bonkers for dual-wielding tanks if you take the madness one step further and pair it with Squid's Grasp. Kapana Taga can provide flanking affliction immunity via All Comers, but when you pair it with Squid's Grasp which provides straight out flanking immunity at all times, you can use the Kapana Taga's enchant Unblockable +4 melee acc/engaged target instead of All Comers. And take Attempted Parlay on Squid's Grasp for +20% action speed whenever 3 or more enemies engage your tank.


This combination makes for a very powerful DW party tank, such as the ever popular fighter/rogue with persistent distraction. (It is pretty much my go-to Eder build, though it can obviously be made even more powerful as a custom adventurer/main character build).


I'm not arguing that Squid's Grasp should be higher in the tier list, but perhaps add a comment to Kapana Taga and Squid's Grasp about the combo possibility for DW tanking?

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When I said death before dishonour, I meant it alphabetically.

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Now that I've done an almost full PotD run, I just want to add my 5 cents on the weapons I have used extensively:


*Modwyr: I know you have this already in the "S tier," but I cannot praise it enough. I also feel I need to be offer another strong endorsement, given that I have read a few derogatory comments about this weapon. This was the best all-around melee 1-hander I have used, and it seems to offer everything you usually look for in a melee weapon - such as strong lashes and speed bonus. And it offers more than the usual checklists, too. It gives you total immunity from mind controls (which is a big deal for me), and it also grants a pretty big front-loaded per rest damage skill. What more do you want from a weapon?


Were those who were disappointed with it expecting the female spirit encased in it to jump out and actually fellate you? ;)


*Sasha's Singing Scimitar: I know that this weapon is very good for a Chanter, but its use is very limited outside of that class. So I feel it's too situational to be considered "S tier" - or the best sabre in the game per OP's claim.


*Glacierbane: I think the OP has it right where it belongs - not quite "S tier" but surely "A tier." But I think the reason it belongs in the second tier has mainly to do with the limitation of warhammers, rather than the weapon itself. That is, for me the base damage is a bit too low for a DPS class, and I'd tag all warhammers with that limitation. I also want to stress that it is curious that the OP left out arguably the most vital benefit of this weapon: The ability to get rid of all enemy buffs for 6 seconds on a critical hit. That is rather massive - especially if you do not have a Wizard with Arcane Dampener along for the ride. When combined with Last Word on the opposite hand, my Swashbuckler was able to routine shut down dangerous enemy mages like Concelhaut and Ancient Fampyrs by himself.


*Last Word: I am inclined to move this up from "B tier" to "A tier," for the same reason I liked Glacierbane so much. Namely, the ability to silence mages for 3 seconds on a critical hit is absolutely lethal - again, especially when combined with Glacierbane on the other hand.


*Duskfall: Like Last Word, I feel it needs to be moved up one spot - from "B tier" to "A tier." It has nothing jaw-dropping, but it has a lot of everything - speed boost, accuracy boosts, and penetration boost (albeit conditional - though easy to achieve).


The other choices - at least the ones I've used extensively - I tend to agree without the need for further additional commentary.

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