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[BoW] [Spoiler] Game Crash / Screen Freeze

crash freeze beast of winter dlc

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Hi everybody.  Sorry for the very long wait on this one. We've finally been able to reproduce this internally. In the meantime, this visual effect will be disabled on Radeon cards. This workaround will be in

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Well Guess what problem I ran into today? 
Well at least incentivized me to upgrade my radaeon graphics. 
Quicksaving didn't work, 
Changing windowed mode didn't work
So I'm either stuck either not playing the game or making a deal with the God of Death...
Choices Choices...

Any news on how soon the patch will drop?



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Hmmm, I get this crash as well...I guess it wasn't fixed?



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Hi all I too was suffering from Pillars constant crashes, until I moved the game to my SSD HDD, the game now no longer crashes for me. I have been suffering these issues from day 1 and tried everything to resolve it. It seems that pillars is IO sensitive in some way. The following are my drive results (winsat):

Original drive:

> Disk Random 16.0 Read 1.51 MB/s 4.0
> Disk Sequential 64.0 Read 102.01 MB/s 6.6
> Disk Sequential 64.0 Write 97.94 MB/s 6.5
> Average Read Time with Sequential Writes 5.194 ms 5.9
> Latency: 95th Percentile 36.850 ms 2.5
> Latency: Maximum 124.570 ms 7.6
> Average Read Time with Random Writes 10.079 ms 4.5

SSD drive:

> Disk Random 16.0 Read 2.83 MB/s 4.5
> Disk Sequential 64.0 Read 106.30 MB/s 6.7
> Disk Sequential 64.0 Write 125.91 MB/s 7.0
> Average Read Time with Sequential Writes 4.141 ms 6.3
> Latency: 95th Percentile 8.521 ms 5.9
> Latency: Maximum 18.335 ms 7.9
> Average Read Time with Random Writes 4.223 ms 6.2

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