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  1. nothing has helped me to pass beyond this point, tested with every AMD ATI driver: - 18.6.1 - 18.9.1 - 18.11.1, 18.11.2... - 18.12.1, 18.12.2... I have even tested it with a different graphic card, with an AMD R9 280X and with a AMD R9 290. Still the same bug, and always a BSOD crash in the ATI driver: atikmpag.sys **Attached again the screen capture of the BSOD crash. @Obsidian, I have paid for a working product and not for a crappy game, I was hoping that you had fixed it after installing all those DLCs, but even with them, everything is the same. Lesson learnt, not gonna buy an Obsidian game again in my life, unfinished and buggy games. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xr7jtom11ditdxr/Spacesoul%20%28ElVacioBlanco%29_savegame%20and%20BSOD_crash_screencapture.rar?dl=0
  2. Does not work for me, it crashes all the time. @SChin any news on the issue? are you there? anyone in this forum giving support? any help?????????????????????????
  3. Still cannot pass this boss and I cant go back from this Area. It crashes all the time. I have updated to AMD drivers 18.9.1 and it does still crashes again and again. 1. @SChin news on the issue? 2. @SChin I can install a debug version of the game if you need to get more information or even let you access to my computer in order to detect the issue, but please fix it, thanks. 3. Does anyone know how to teleport back to my ship with a console command hack and then go back to Rymrgand? Thanks.
  4. Hi, I am having the same issue, and I can not pass this boss. I am attaching crash dump, DxDiag info, my savegame before encountering the boss, and the output log file. https://www.dropbox.com/s/tjo7a1ne599ewp9/poe2_bug.zip?dl=0 Please take a look at it and solve the issue, thanks
  5. Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to change some game configuration: 1. Tweak unity 5 game config in order to improve FPS or game appearance with better renderization or effects. 2. Change camera configuration to set it always to a fixed position, with the maximum possible zoom all the time, or even change the configuration to set it further away than the maximum possible value. Thanks.
  6. Hi roby, thank you for the fix. In case if its possible, would you mind telling us a manual way of improving the loading speed at start up. I deleted most of my savegames, checked POE savegame folder and disabled syncronization with Steam account, but its still very slow. (I have a 256gb samsung ssd and 16 GB RAM so it should be instant). Thanks.
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