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  1. Another possible workaround: I tried this only once and it worked. I haven't tried it again. Immediately after finishing the conversation with Rymrgand I pressed ctrl+alt+delete. The screen with options like switch user and start task manager pop up while the game continue running in the background. I waited at that screen for a bit. The the animation that crashes the game finishes while I'm at the ctrl+alt+delete screen. Then I closed the screen and switched back to the game. The game had auto paused when the combat started and I could finish the fight. Hope this could be of some help.
  2. I just attempted this method and unfortunately I still get a crash. I also tried and I too still get a crash.
  3. I’ve got some developments to report. After the last patch I tried again. Everything worked and I didn’t get a crash. Great I thought and closed the game without doing the battle. However, since then I haven’t gotten it to work again. The game always crashes right before the animation hits and collapses the ice bridge you came from. Some more details. I don’t always get the blue screen (get blue screen 90%). A few times I get back to windows and AMD reports that the display driver stopped responding. In those cases the game is still running and I can hear music, but it’s all black and I can’t do anything in the game. One time I got crash info and I will attach it to this post. I got the crash info when I lowered the graphics to low setting and removed VSync. I haven’t been able to reproduce it. I have also tried to see what the blue screen says. It says that there was an attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout that failed and something about atikmpag.sys. I have never gotten this kind of blue screen in this game or any other before. 2018-08-18_104434.zip
  4. I updated my amd drivers to 18.8.1 (non beta). It didn't resolve the issue for me. I still haven't got any crash logs when the game crashes so I'm afraid I can't provide those.
  5. The exact same thing happens to me too. But I also get a "blue screen of death" (windows 7). Rymrgand smashes the ground with his axe. Then, as the animation travels downwards after the smash, the sound gets all distorted and the game freezes. Then I get the BSOD. I have tried 3-4 times and this happens everytime I refuse him. I can't find a crash report, perhaps because of the BSOD?
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