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Testing Incarnates: Overall, They Seem Fairly Weak, Thoughts?

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I just consoled up Vatnir to 20 and went on a rampage in Neketaka. The Scourge Incarnate looks beefy but is very slow and does not last very long. Similar experience with others. Am I missing out on something? They seem cool but not really worth using, thoughts?

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I really find it hard to justify going the whole mile with Priests. The incarnates really are kind of weak sauce.

Magran's Might is pretty ridiculous, but its only usable by Priests of Magran. Call of Rymrgand is also very strong since its effectively a superior version of Pull of Eora.


Personally I don't really like using any of the Incarnates since -5 PL makes your spells effectively garbage. If you want a summon, its probably better just to use Spiritual Ally instead. Berath's Incarnate is probably the best one overall though, since its 2 summons in 1.

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