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I think I managed to emulate the color brushes okish. But the heavy rim lighting makes it hard to extract proper linework. I guess I'd have to draw the linework by hand. Tomorrow maybe. :)


Edit: now that I look at your watercolor portrait again I have to say it's pretty good actually. To match the style of Obsidian's watercolor portraits 100% it would need heavier lines (and that's hard with this portrait if you don't want to draw manually), but the texture is nice.

Thanks, I was quite proud of it myself. Thanks for your time, nonetheless. I'm willing to wait if you can make something good looking. Feel free to edit my portrait, if you'd like. I tried adding heavier lines by drawing them manually AND outlining it using other methods but it never looked quite right. I can give you my GIMP save of it, if you'd like.

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