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The issue with the Roparu is that such a system works with a small tribe of say 30-50 people, but the moment you toss them into large city the system falls apart. Which is what happens to all systems of that nature.


If the Huana become centralized, then there will be more cities, which leads to more Roparu, which leads to them literally eating garbage in order to stave off death by starvation. The situation in the Gullet will become the norm, but at least the Huana remain on their land?


I'd rather see the Roparu being treated better, than have all the "feels" over making sure the Huana keep their culture/land.

Did you do the Gullet missions? That was the entire theme.
That the Huana should never be supported, supporting them is not good, and that their culture should be thrown into the trash bin?


Yes, I couldn't agree more.

You should play the game again. Edited by Verde
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Yeah, that requires assassinating the queen, so...


I don't know if you can keep Pallegina with the RDC, but I think you can keep Tekehu in specific conditions.

Well, I made my own Pallegina and Tekehu now, screw them. I welcome Anigellap and Uheket to the team!

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I think Verde is referring to the fact that you can resolve the issues you're referring to. The Gullet turns into a haven for the Roparu if you resolve the problem via the Eothasian efforts, and maybe directly through the Huana royalty, and then don't mess them up with the RDC or similar.

And then the next ruler decides to reverse it because they don't want outside help, in fact they want to get rid of all outsiders...


Is there any evidence in the game to suggest that?  The only indications of what will happen in the Huana's future are in the endings and they don't communicate such an outcome.  Where are you getting that the Wahaki will take over the Huana after Queen Onekaza?

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I think I'm going with Huana as my headcanon pt. Only Maia leaves, and considering how obnoxious she is, good riddance.


My reasons for going with them:

  • If you convince the royal family to take care of the Roparu, the Gullet becomes a heaven for them, etc. I like to think of this as starting the slow social revolution of changing the hideous caste system they have.
  • Generally speaking they do seem to be the most screwed over, with all the other factions more or less exploiting, conquering, plundering or outright trying to wipe them out. Even the "no faction" ending exacerbates this to ridiculous extremes.
  • In terms of Adra and Animancy, they seem to be ok with letting people mining and researching, even though they personally are too "muh religion" to try anything. This means the research has more time to discover stuff and mining needs to be done at a slower pace (as opposed to VTC in 2 of the endings which is a more "hulk smash" approach to something not really yet understood scientifically). This is in my opinion the best long term approach to the whole situation, at least until we learn the what/how/why/etc of Adra and Animancy.
  • Huana ending seems to be one of the most peaceful ones. I prefer this and scientific research and progress to constant war and theocracy. Which is a bit ironic, considering the Huana seem to be the most religious faction, but they do seem intelligent enough to be open to change, which is something rare when it comes to religious people. So I'm willing to give them a chance to prove they are intelligent enough to move past the religious crap (which poisons everything, including the caste system, so progress with that will affect everything).
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We also need to remember that the Old City's collapse is not in living memory. It collapsed generations ago, likely even before the VTC showed up, as is evidenced by the in game book On the Provenance and Ruination of Neketaka's "Old City". The book states that the surviving structures of the old city are unlike the construction in the rest of the city and compared to most Huana buildings. Huana buildings are built in such a way to seemingly deal with the unstable tectonics of the Deadfire, which leaves the inference that the Old City was a combination Engwithan and Ancient Huana construction. This book also mentions the disparity that exists in the Gullet, on how ashamed the leadership should be for the state of it's residents. The ingame date for when this book was written is unknown.


Biha states that the living conditions for the Roparu were better BEFORE coming to the city, where the Mataru do not take care of them. The Mataru treat the denizens in the Gullet as criminals, routinely sending them into the Old City to die. When the Dawnstars tried to help the Roparu, they were turned away since it is not their job to take care of the Roparu. This is further evidence by the sick in Pitli's house, where the sick are being hidden from the Mataru so they are not thrown into the Old City to die.


The Principi commonly use the Roparu as workers because they know that the Roparu are powerless to earn money in any way. Which in turn makes them "criminals" in Huana law with immediate banishment to the Old City. The Queen also wants to forcibly shut down the Principi, and it is strongly hinted that they are going to do just that regardless of why deals made to supply the Roparu for food. The Principi may not be as benevolent as the Dawnstars in their assistance, but at least it's better than just tossing garbage into the Gullet to feed the Roparu.




The sheer number of fleshy body parts clogging up the old city ruins makes me wonder.  Are hundreds of criminals being thrown down there every month?  With that kind of attrition rate why are they still starving?  Was it just art direction that filled the old city with so many still fleshy body parts?


Biha mentions a better life in her village, yes.  She also mentions a desire for the Mataru to drive the criminals and foreigners out of Neketaka, blaming them at least in part for making the prize share system less effective.  


You are strongly encouraged to take Tekehu on this mission to see just how ignorant most Mataru are of how bad the roparu in Neketaka have it.  Aruihi and Onekaza II are young, they inherited this problem along with many others. 


My beef with Onekaza is her treatment of the Wahaki.  Ignoring the slavers raiding them when it suited her (they weren't lining up to live under her rule why should she help?) then sending a stranger out to demand fealty and soldiers.  If you come back without a treaty, even if you freed the slaves you take a big reputation hit with the Huana.  She is a spiteful ....

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