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  1. Is pointing out the public release of the roadmap for the DLC a spoiler?
  2. The sheer number of fleshy body parts clogging up the old city ruins makes me wonder. Are hundreds of criminals being thrown down there every month? With that kind of attrition rate why are they still starving? Was it just art direction that filled the old city with so many still fleshy body parts? Biha mentions a better life in her village, yes. She also mentions a desire for the Mataru to drive the criminals and foreigners out of Neketaka, blaming them at least in part for making the prize share system less effective. You are strongly encouraged to take Tekehu on this mission t
  3. Enoi mentions the roparu were doing pretty good in Neketaka before the gullet came to be in its present situation thanks to the 'natural disaster' that collapsed the middle of the mountain. The jab that no one higher up the chain has really stepped up to help since then has more than a whiff of New Orleans to it. Numerous times its hinted that the more the Huana have tried to emulate the foreign powers invading them, the more **** the gods have heaped upon them. Almost like they are specifically being prevented from returning to their former strength. Is Ondra responsible for the Gullet
  4. My minstalker was assassin/beguiler. I played him as an old vailian with the clergy background as though he was a hiding villain in a musketeers film. I Chose the dove dialogue options when in polite company and the shady options every other time. Most people thought I was a really nice guy but the more astute could tell there was something off. This let me twist xoti up into knots and feel less terrible about a 'romance' with her. The ending slides where a confused mess though with her light hearted and long lasting friendship with Eder coinciding with her boxes of dead animals and her de
  5. I do wonder how much if any effect the Huana tablet in Arkemyr's basement and the rubbing/brass map from Motare o Kōzi actaully matter. Is there anything of significance to these both being Hauana/Rauatai exclusive? In my Vailian run I was really saddened to face off against Aldys. Does the VTC leader effect your end game mission? If I don't support Castol will I still be prompted to teleport into the RDC stores even though the replacement VTC leader has no confidence in that technology?
  6. I think its since 1.1 that you can set up ai behaviour for weapon modals, equip the weapon you want to always have a modal on for, open the ai panel and copy one of the ai behaviours you're using if not already using a custom one. At the bottom add a check for melee (if the weapon is melee) or ranged and then select the modal to activate if this condition is met. Example- if you have a war bow equipped while setting this up, you can select the Long Draw modal if its been picked in character level up under a ranged weapon check. Might like to add a second or 5 in the duration between chec
  7. The Vailian ending is my preferred ending too, but not because of some rose tinted outcome outlined in the epilogue slides. The game gives you a few instances to bring up that they are ultimately using souls to fuel their technological advances, and this is usually brushed off as a simpleton's understanding of the issue without much defence beyond 'poo-pooing'. As an inequal society chasing profit I really hope they become dependant on adra fuel for everything, industry, lifestyle, transport. I want to see what happens when their use of souls outstrips supply and what happens when more t
  8. I don't know that the random encounter 'backlog' is just tied to Neketaka. I have had the sudden rush of Neketaka encounters very late in the game as others have mentioned here, cleaning up leftover quests after visiting Magran's Teeth, I got few in a row. Something similar seems to happen with the ship board random events too. In my first completed playthrough, just as I was finishing up the north west area for Sanza's Mapping the Archipelago quest, which requires having sailed and explored every island on the map, while sailing back towards Neketaka I was invited by Luca up on deck to
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