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[Character Build for PotD] Sage (Helwalker/Wizard): "Thought and Memory"

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After many, many revisions, I'd like to present my final Sage build for PotD. This is not a solo build. 


The intent of the build is to be a long range striker character that carpet-bombs enemies with rapid fire casts of fire and frost spells and, later, pokes them from afar with Citzal's Spirit Lance channeled through Instruments of Pain for more directed foe-AoE attacks (As well as Stunning Blow and Force of Anguish). 


Blessings: +2 Skills, +2 Stats, +5000 starting gold, Unique Items Vendor


Party members for this character are going to be Eder (Swashbuckler Tank), Pallegina (Herald Tank), Ydwin (Rogue 'So I don't have to hear Serafen talk about how his fingers are fat and furry'), and Xoti (Priest healer) 


Race: Pale Elf


Class: Helwalker/No-subclass Wizard


Faction: VTC


Culture/Background: White that Wends/Aristocrat


Skill Focus:  Alchemy (Active)/Metaphysics and Diplomacy (Passives)


Stats with all bonuses factored in


20 Might (16 Base + 2 Berath's Blessing +1 Gift of the Machine +1 Permanent Stat Bonus potion)

8 Constitution (6 Base + 2 Berath's Blessing)

18 Dexterity (14 Base +1 Pale Elf +2 Berath's Blessing +1 Chameleon's Touch) 

20 Perception (16 Base +1 Pale Elf +1 White that Wends +2 Berath's Blessing) 

20 Intellect (17 Base +2 Berath's Blessing +1 Chameleon's Touch) 

8 Resolve (6 Base +2 Berath's Blessing) 


Abilities (Per Level)

Primary Offensive Grimoire - Ninagauth's Teachings
Secondary Grimoire - Grimoire of Vaporous Wizardry

Level 1 - Swift Strikes/Chill Fog
Level 2 - Lesser Wounds
Level 3 - Thrust of Tattered Veils
Level 4 - Two Handed Fighting/Bulwark Against the Elements**
Level 5 - Mortification of the Soul
Level 6 - Merciless Gaze
Level 7 - Llengrath's Displaced Image/Swift Flurry
Level 8 - Combat Focus
Level 9 - Stunning Blow
Level 10 - Arcane Dampener/Duality of Mortal Presence
Level 11 - Secrets of Rime
Level 12 - Scion of Flame
Level 13 - Rapid Casting/Stunning Surge
Level 14 - Blast of Frost
Level 15 - The Long Pain
Level 16 - Citzal's Spirit Lance/Turning Wheel
Level 17 - Martial Caster 
Level 18 - Arcane Reflection
Level 19 - Heartbeat Drumming/Tough
Level 20 - Instruments of Pain


This has been a long time coming, and couldn't have been possible without a lot of feedback from a lot of people on this forum. So, thanks guys. You all know who you are. 

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I've also considered a variant of this build that focuses a little bit more on Citzal's Spirit Lance as my primary damage dealing method, and swaps out the Evocation spells for Enchantments/Illusion spells. 


My primary grimoire for this variant would be Llengrath's Martial Masteries


Level 1 - Swift Strikes/Eldritch Aim

Level 2 - Lesser Wounds

Level 3 - Force of Anguish

Level 4 - Two-Handed Fighting/Merciless Gaze

Level 5 - Mirrored Image

Level 6 - Bulwark Against the Elements

Level 7 - Swift Flurry/Combat Focus

Level 8 - Torment's Reach

Level 9 - Stunning Blow

Level 10 - Arcane Dampener/Thunderous Blows

Level 11 - Rooting Pain

Level 12 - Dimensional Shift 

Level 13 - Stunning Surge/Rapid Casting

Level 14 - The Long Pain

Level 15 - Raised Torment

Level 16 - Martial Caster/Flagellant's Path

Level 17 - Enervating Blows

Level 18 - Soul Mirror

Level 19 - Heartbeat Drumming/Tough

Level 20 - Instruments of Pain

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Any key gear or weapon proficiency that you recommend? It seems like spearcaster and arbalest would be a decent hold over until you get Lance, and nobody really wants that item weapon otherwise. And maybe dagger plus shield modal for when you get rushed? Not sure if there's other stuff I'm missing.

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Spirit Lance + Instruments of Pain = pure fun. Also note that IoP simply gives your melee weapon +500% range. So you can use all melee abilities at range. Spirit Lance has 1.8 meter melee range (reach) and thus becomes a weapon with 10.8 meter melee range. Others get way shorter range with IoP. Reach weapons seem to be perfect for this. And especially Spirit Lance of course.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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I am trying to make something similar work for TC but having a hard time surviving.


Did anyone else make a helwalker safe build work playing solo?

Are you asking about the Helwalker/Wizard combination in particular, or any Helwalker-based build?


I managed to finish a solo PotD run (with Berath's Blessings and no level scaling) with this class combination (Helwalker/Wizard No Subclass). Of course, my build had to be much more defense-oriented than Cyrus': The Mirrorback. 


As far as the "hard time surviving" part, I'm not going to lie: even with the focus on defense, the first several levels were pretty painful. For the most part you want to sneak by as much as you can and do quests that don't require fighting. And even at higher levels, there are a couple fights involving incredibly tanky bosses with high accuracies that are very tough with this build. (In particular, the Engwithan Titan, the Kraken, and the Guardian of Ukaizo fights.) It's possible to win these fights, but not easy.


As far as Helwalker builds in general, I've played out the end of the game solo on PotD (v1.1, with Berath's Blessings and no scaling) using a mix of Braven's No Pain, No Brains and Voltron's Burn Baby Burn! Paladin/Helwalker builds. Those are great builds, and that was considerably easier -- Paladins are the best tanks in the game, and they do a lot to cover up the Helwalker's weaknesses. 

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