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  1. Any key gear or weapon proficiency that you recommend? It seems like spearcaster and arbalest would be a decent hold over until you get Lance, and nobody really wants that item weapon otherwise. And maybe dagger plus shield modal for when you get rushed? Not sure if there's other stuff I'm missing.
  2. Up front, my game is up to date. I have no mods installed, and I have wm 1,2, and the deadfire stuff installed. I noticed recently, while in the endless paths around level 12 or so, I noticed Sagani's pet was moving insanely slow. I know there were pet bugs before but I thought those all got patched out years ago. I tried conversation, knocking out sagani, taking on and off all gear and modals, and knocking out the pet. I haven't tried respeccing or kicking her out of the party yet (I was stubbornly trying to beat the final level of the dungeon despite the bug just to save me a trip back t
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