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Food For Thought and the Dawnstars



I've read a number of bug reports here but none seemed to describe this issue, for which I didn't think to make a save either. Every time I've tried to get the Dawnstars to help with the food shortage I simply have no conversation option for it with anyone at the Temple of Gaun. However, after talking to Pitli I could delve into the matter and she sent me to the high priestess. At that point I suddenly had two conversation options to bring up the matter, and only one of them involved Pitli.


It seems to me that the other one should be available to me even if I hadn't helped Pitli or been sent by her. And just for the record, my first visit to the Temple of Gaun was after helping Pitli with the cure but before discussing the food shortage with her.

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Thanks for posting here.

When accepting the quest "Food for Thought" by speaking to Enoi, he does mention the Dawnstars having helped out before, however he specifically points the player to Pitli first. The intention is to speak with her first to get more context on the situation and then speak to High Priestess Saewyn after Pitli's referral so for all intensive purposes, the player responses available to the player are behaving as intended given your description of the situation. I can however still write up your issue as a suggestion to our developers if you'd like  :) 


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