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  1. omgFIREBALLS's post in Alvari always absent / Stuck in VTC quest line was marked as the answer   
    This is the only thing that comes to mind: Pick the lock on Alvari's door.
    I'm not intimately familiar with VTC quest mechanics, but I do believe I have picked + opened that door just because I could and the guards didn't care. So, maybe Alvari is there.
    Also make sure it's business hours. If there are guards outside the VTC building entrance, it's not.
  2. omgFIREBALLS's post in SOLVED: My crusader is perma-disoriented was marked as the answer   
    Okay, with the aid of the very detailed wiki page on console commands I was able to solve this! In case anyone else has this exact or a similar problem, the commands are (after enabling the console):
    RemoveStatusEffect Companion_P_PARTYMEMBERSNAMEHERE Disoriented_SE_PerceptionDebuff
    RemoveStatusEffect Companion_P_PARTYMEMBERSNAMEHERE Disoriented_SE_RecoveryDebuff
  3. omgFIREBALLS's post in The Shipwright's Plight - thugs not appearing was marked as the answer   
    Which time of day do you look for them? They're only there at night.
  4. omgFIREBALLS's post in The Messenger dropped no loot? was marked as the answer   
    I think it's intended. Did you only just kill her? Because not long after killing her you'll probably find it makes sense due to what happens next.
  5. omgFIREBALLS's post in Invisible coral Naga archer in Hasongo ? was marked as the answer   
    Yeah, there are a few on the second floor. There are a few ways to reach it but if you simply sneak past the house they shouldn't see you
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