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Alvari always absent / Stuck in VTC quest line

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I have a problem with the VTC quest line. 

After finishing Skipping Ahead Director Castol said I should talk with Govenor Alvari, but she is not in her office.
In fact I have never seen her so far. Her office is always closed. And I checked the VTC headquarter every time I visited Neketaka. 
I have finished Dirty Laundry and I believe I have finished The Storms of Poko Kohara without ever speaking with Alvari.
The main quest is on the final step (The Coming Storm).

Now I'm a bit at a loss as how to proceed to advance in the VTC quest line. If I gatter the information on the internet right, "A Vote of No Confidence" should start now, but no source explains as to how and where.

P.S.: I play on PS4, if this has some relevance to the problem.

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This is the only thing that comes to mind: Pick the lock on Alvari's door.

I'm not intimately familiar with VTC quest mechanics, but I do believe I have picked + opened that door just because I could and the guards didn't care. So, maybe Alvari is there.

Also make sure it's business hours. If there are guards outside the VTC building entrance, it's not.

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8 minutes ago, omgFIREBALLS said:

This is the only thing that comes to mind: Pick the lock on Alvari's door.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

That was it. She was really in there with the door looked. Who thinks of something like this? If you go there on business hours one would expect the door to be open when someone is in the office.

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