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Does PoE2:Deadfire run a lot slower for you than PoE1?

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So, after the patch, I finally decided to give the game a go. My computer is a bit old, but it had no difficulties with PoE1. And judging by the System Requirements, it shouldn't have major difficulties with PoE2, either. But the fact is, it's slow as heck. And I mean really slow. Like everything is running at 25% of PoE1 speed, maximum. Obviously, the game is unplayable like this.


I tried toning down the graphics (from high to medium), but nothing changed.


Has anybody else experienced something like this? Feedback would be much appreciated.

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Ok, I did try turning everything as low as possible, and things suddenly became very manageable. (Actually, I did keep the original resolution.)


So, thanks! I might start enabling things one at a time in an attempt to see which one causes problems. If there indeed is one.

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yeah , my loading time is slow.....in comparaison to POE1 where it load really fast . But other then that , game is smooth with everything maxed . 

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Running on exactly same computer as did run just before release of POE 2


POE 2 generally loads about same time maybe slightly faster. Speed of game is mostly constant as long as windows doesn't decided to do something in background. 


So for me not issues that not been bugs. 


Incase anyone reads this suggest giving games priority I already do and every time windows updates resets most settings. I hate windows.  :banghead:

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