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Missing ability bars



My ability bars and resource indicators seem to have disappeared completely after the beta patch, but seemingly only for the casters in the party (two wizards/druid, didn't get a chance to check priests yet).


Did this happen to anyone else, too? Is there any way to turn them back on?

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Yes, I happened to me too. I fixed it by deleting windows registry of the game. The bug also has affected the Esc Menu. If I tried to change certain things, I wouldn't be able to exit the Menu.


If you want a fix (assuming you are on windows), here is how I have done it (do it at your own risk, it is generally not recommended to mess with windows registry if you do not know what you are doing, though if you follow these steps there will not be any problems):



In windows (7), click on Start->Search->


In the field, type:




and then press enter.




It should open windows Registry Editor


Just to be safe, back up the entire registry


Go to File->Export-> write a name, choose a folder and click on save.

If anything goes wrong, you can use the options File->Import-> Then select the file you created to restore it back to how it was.


After doing the above steps, do the following:


Navigate the folders:


HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Obsidian Entertainment/Pillars of Eternity II


Back up the folder: right click on it->select export, choose a name and location and click save.


After backing up, delete the folder Pillars of Eternty II.



WARNING: Do not mess up with any other registry entry of any other folder, it can render windows or other softwares unstable.



You _might_ have to reinstall your game, though it was not needed for me. All your configurations of the game (graphic settings, combat auto pause options, key mappings) will have to be redone. It does not affect Berath's blessing nor your savegames.

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