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Ranger is not bad tier. It's just that some other classes are clearly overturned. Pure ranger in a party can take on any challenge thrown at you by the game without issue.


A lot of powerbuild options for ranged are multiclasses, which can be complicated for a beginner not used to cRPG.


You can also go fighter (devoted) for insane extra survivability that will help a lot if you make positioning mistakes, or rogue (no subclass) for extra damage.

But ranger is perfectly fine too if you like having a pet.


If you are looking for optimized multiclasses, I will let other players suggest them to you.



Micro spoiler: There is a companion in the game that comes as a arquebus specialist.

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Micro spoiler: There is a companion in the game that comes as a arquebus speciali

my idea is my main character do main arquebus speciali but dont know how do this. and dont know witch multiclass is good for this... i read about ranger/chanter, but dont know if this multiclass is good with arquebus. 

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Depends on what you want from main character.


Chanter is a good choice overall, because of utility and the reload speed song, that allows to shoot much faster. But Chanter is mostly about summons, buffing/debuffing, so arquebus is mostly just something to occupy hero between casts. No special skills for attacking with arquebus. Overall I would say that pure Chanter is better off with pistol+shield for survivability, especially early on. There is unique arquebus for chanter with good effects on kill, but it's harder to be one who finishes enemies without special damage boost skills.


I haven't played ranger a lot, but I've heard that it's a pretty boring solo class. For the damage I would recommend Rogue or Cipher or both. Rogue have sneak attack, which adds damage when enemy have some negative affliction (like being flanked) and Cipher have renewable power source and some very hard crowd control options.


Paladin is also a great choice, but not as single class. Flames of devotion and sworn enemy give a very nice damage boost and extra defense helps to keep your character alive. Downside is being somewhat limited in roleplay aspect by your chosen paladin type (not following the code results in smaller defense bonus).


Fighter makes you more tanky and some pretty nice skills and passives. One subclass allows fast weapon switch, so you can switch between 3-4 arquebuses to avoid reload times between first 3-4 shots.


So, what I would recommend:


1) Chanter + Paladin multi: very safe and powerful combo, use summons to occupy enemies, heal team with auras and songs, kill single enemies with Sworn enemy + Flames of devotion. Extra defenses helps to keep you alive.


2) Rogue + Cipher multi: Glass cannon slash caster. Extra damage and mobility from Rogue skills plus another damage boost and some utility from Cipher.


Other from that I would recommend multi classes, because combining passives and early skills from two classes give more benefits to arquebus themed playstyle. Single class is good for high level skills, which are mostly powerful spells, summons, debuffs with long recovery times or skills that better with powerful melee weapons.

Classes with good passives and powerful early skills are: Paladin, Cipher, Rogue, Chanter, Fighter, maybe Ranger.

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Barbarian ain't too bad with Ranger either. You can get some really fast reload speeds with them. Plus plenty of ways to increase damage which is quite nice since Arquebus has one of the higher base damage ranges in the game. Further you can even go Berserker since as a backline unit you can more safely give up the ability to see your hp AND since carnage doesn't work with ranged you don't have to worry about confusion making you hit allies. An Arquebus Ranger/Berserker also doesn't mind the -int much. Mark's duration isn't affected at all.


I doubt it is 'best' by any means, but I have had quite a bit of fun with it and it is certainly usable. I wouldn't solo with it though. I rely on using a chanter ally(I use Tekeha but the Paladin would work just as well) to up shooting speed even more. AND this build really likes to have people to keep foes off them. Not being able to see HP when your person isn't built to take hits is rough if you end up melee. Anyways numbers are nice so, you end up with Attack Time .4 and Reload Time 2.5 and hit for 37-48 damage and have 11 penetration. That is with an exceptional Arquebus I found on Hasongo(so fairly early). Obviously I pushed Dex and Might as high as I could(and have tried to get my hands on as many +damage and +reload sources as possible). Anything else I could spare went to Per(I dumped resolve and con a bit since the idea was not to get hit much to begin with). Though Rangers have easy sources of accuracy so it isn't quite as important in my opinion.


Anyways you need to pick what type of Arquebus build you want. My example above is a fast shooter build. I feel that is better for DPS and funner to play both. But some might prefer a really high damage output + sneak attack tactics as more fun. For example mine does a fair bit of auto attacking. Barbaric Blow costs too much to spam when you want Frenzy up most of the time. And on your ranger side you mostly mark and go. And maybe order your pet to takedown or some such from time to time.

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I search a guide for a character, but want use arquebus. i see this build; https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/100290-class-build-commander-shepard-rangerpaladin/ but want other build for play in group, prefer a good class. 

I read the ranger is bad tier in game...


Recomender other class for beginner player¿?¿?¿


Check my Bleak Huntress build in my signature. It's best sniper build in game hands down when it comes to arquebus and arbalest usage.

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It depends what you'd like to like all things!


Devoted could provide some crit damage and arpen which is nice along with penetrating strike.


Helwalker can use dance of death and lightnine strikes which would be really great. The flurry that proc on crit is way better but it's bugged to be op so I don't use it.


Rogue works quite well but stealth is currently a bit wonky and broken but if you enjoy it, it is quite good and even wi thout stealth cheese you get strike the bell which is pretty solid along with all sorts of passives and invisibility which is a bit buggy but good.


Ranger is good for all the accuarcy bonuses combined with the arequebus modal you can hit and crit everything, ranger adds crazy amounts of accuracy, the pet sucks for damage but can play midline or just go for a ranged char.


Cipher will add some good damage passives ,and you can reload during the recovery phase and since guns have reload insyear of recovery you can shoot cast a spell than reload during the spells recovery. You can focus on .5 second casting and just reload during recover.


Paladin is really good with flames of devotions aND marked enemy and you'll be tanky. A downside is the rp needed for paladins but if you don't care about the deep faith bonuses it's not bad as they're easy to get but something to consider.


Beserker would be pretty nice for the buffs and arpen, carnage won't work but that's not a big deal but you'd essentially take it to rage and for the passives. Barbaric blow would be good but it cost 2 points so it's kind of expensive.


Multiclass with a chanter you can get a chant that reduces reload speed and recover for ranged weapons for your team and get summoning


Are you considering rp ? What do you want?


Ranger is pretty solid and the bonus accuracy is definitely useful, also remember there is a balance patch coming soon so things will change so if I were you I'd focus on a character who you like to RP as. Everyone has what's fun for them and I found I enjoy characters I have a clear identity for and they fulfill that role . Currently the difficulty of the game makes it so you can play what ever you want doe the most part no issue so I wouldn't stress to much and pick what seems cool to you!

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