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New spells, abillities, passives, modals you wish to see(wishlist)

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This is topic for posting your idea for new spells, abillities, modals, auras, other perks you want to see added at some point.

More about buffing things, since nerf will just happen.

Could refer to already existing abillity if it is almost dead (so bad it is not used).

If possible should remain general style of class


Should contain:

* class, or neutral, could be some classes

* type: spell, active abillity, modal/aura, passive

* level if important


* WHY? it is important.


This is not about:


General game mechanic, like resting, or empowerment.

Difficulty scaling.

Quantity and Quality of dirty talk


I would not expect many of these hitting the patch at any point, but it is constrictive way to give feedback.


To begin with, my list:

(put spoiler tag for sanity reasons)




name: Persisten Arcane/Nature/Holy Caster I-IX

levels: 1-9; class: priest, druid, wizard

Does: passive, gives 1 extra cast on that level on that specific class.

Why: Casters need something to sink level points in, and the 2 cast per level could be very limiting. Too much. Especially if said level has all the good spells from class.

Note: Coudl be restricted to only level 1-4 since balance and other boring stuff.


Bind the Soul

High, casters+chantr, passive

Effect: Your summons last +100% time longer

Why: If you want to focus on summons here you go.


Accurate Casting

level 1, all casters, passive

Effect: 30% of grazzers with no weapon attack abbillities (spells) converted to hits.

Why: To lower relaience on Perception. Also allows to play cc caster.


General problem: Priest, Druid, Wizard have no good sinks of level points. Since you could learn 2 spells per level, get 2 from grimoire, and you are already quite versalite. But you cant do much with rest of points other than picking all defenses and scions.


General problem: picking abillities at level 1-2 is hardest. Since you have access to only one power level. And by default this low level powers are soso. Also the list of tier 0 neutral abbilities is very short for some reason. With each level it gets better, since if new level sucks, you could always pick something from bottom.


Geeral Problem: Increasing amount of nutral talents is generally good idea, since it benefits all classes, and all classes have some garbage abillties, so picking neutral talent is last save. It allows to develop less talent, but keep more player happy.


Champion of Gods

Priest, level 1 passive

Effect: Depends on Deity. When using your deity favorite weapon gain +5ACC +10%DMG with atttacks with that weapon.

Why: To make deity pick matter more.

Note: Works with summoned deity weapons.


Persisten Weapon

Druid, Priest, Wizard, Chanter?, Monk? med levels, passive

Effect: Your summoned weapons remain till end of the fight, but could be overwriten by summong new one.

Why: It is not like summoned weapons are powerful, so at least could be easy to use.

Note: This could be a two ended sword since we may not want to keep same weapon.


Elemental Master Fire/Ice/Corrosive/Spark

Wizard, Druid, medium level passive

Effect: Your element tag attack deal +20% dmg of that type. Include spells and autoattacks. Comes in 4 variants

Why: So we can sink our level points on something useful. Also allows to really specialize with fire magic.


Deep Pockets, All classes, level 1

Note: This is rogue passive, given to everyone, it is very stereotype to tell only  rogue has deep pockets, there is pleanty of archetypes of other classes who need storage for explosives, grimoires, scrolls, drugs.


Toughness, All class, passive level1

Note: This already exist, but is very high on tier for some reason, even if it litterally has written that it scales with levels.


Blood Magic

Class: all "casters" Level: higher Modal

Effect: When casting abillity not using attack (spells) get extra Power Level on it, but pay iron price in raw dmg depending on original tier (higher level spells cost more).

Why: To sink level points. Also it is cool ability with cool name. Some combos with Monks or other effect when taken dmg. Could encourage not dumping con on mages.


Weapons of Magic  Preccision

Wizard, Priest low level, passive

Effect: When using magic equipment rods, scepters, wands gan +10 Accuracy

Why: To do something when we run out of spells


Weapons of Magic Penetracion

Wizard, Priest medium level, passive

Effect: When using magic equipment rods, scepters, wands gain +1 Penetration,

Why: Futher expand our wand whipping skills


Weapons of Magic Destruction

Wizard, Priest high level, passive

Effect: When using magic equipment rods, scepters, wands gan +20% might dmg bonus

Why: To top our line of weapon specialization


Squire Trainning

All classes, level 1, passive

Effect: With all weapons proffcient gain +3 Acc

Why: Lets be honest, some level 1 tiers just suck, and nothing could be done. Only way out is to pick anything with minimal use. This talent is small, but at least it is useful. Also it prevents "you need to max per".

Note: Fighters are still better. And can pick it to.


General problem: Druid wildsrike (has problem with level scaling) dont gett all sweet bonuses Legendary weapons get, and at some point it is just inferior.


Sharpen Fangs

Druid, med lv, passive

Effect: Wildstrike melee attacks benefit from +2 penetracion

Why: So  wildstrike will keep power with legendary weapons


Apex Predator

Druid, high level, passive, wildshape

Effect: When in spiritshape gain +20% action speed and +20% stride +10 crit chance and +25% crit dmg.

Why: For high levels to stick to power curve, also it suits being beast. Also even Teheku wants be Apex Predator.

Note: Finding the most badass name is more important than balance.


Golden Maine

Druid, high level, passive, wildshape

Effect: When wildshaping gain necklec "Golden Maine" with effects: HP regen, +2 to all body stats, +10 to saves, +4 to deflection.

Why: To ofset all awesome gear you just lost.

Balance: Nothing i cant get with regular gear.



Any, 1st level, assive

Effect: Gain 10% dmg boost to autoattacks as sneak attack when sneak attacking

Why: There are more archetypes who are sneaky but are not rogues, like Beguilers or Skaen Priest, or some sniper Rangers. So they could have such tiny sneak attack.

Note: Rogues could take it too, so they could upgrade their sneak attack almost like ciphers could soul whip

Balance: sneak attack is additive bonus, so if you have other sources it means less.


Double Grip

All, passive, medium lv

Effect: When using melee two handed weapon you are profficient with gain extra +2% per might point above 10. 

Why: Apparently two handers are inferior to two weapon style, so there could be a niche for them.

Note: There are some sick combos with Helwaker, and might stacking from magic. Can reach 30 without even trying.


Serpent Strikes

All, passive, medium levels

Effect: all small fast weapons (stilletos, clubs) gain +5 Acc and +25% critical dmg.

Why: Why should i use small weapons? Dual Sabres for life! But they could make nice crit weapons.


General Problem: Ranger pet is cool when it comes to offensive power, however it dies a lot, and it cant bear armour (or dual wield sabers). Heal pet is garbage Lay of Hands which cost twice as much, and could be used only on pet. It is frustrating that you can do nothing to make pet last longer. Also it favour bear above other pets.



Ranger, early, passive pet

Effect: When enemy dies around pet, it feeds on the corpse gaing health back depending on corpse level.

Why: To be able to spend level points on something which increases pet survival.



Lick Wounds

Ranger, early, passive pet

Effect: Pet regenerates health is similar way as fighter

Why: To be able to spend level points on something which increases pet survival.


Furious Furry

Ranger, high levels, passive pet

Effect: pet attack twice as fast

Why: Pet attack slow, which makes all buffs for dps unimportant.

Note: It is possible that better route would be pet scaling with character level gaining better base dmg and have better starting attack speed to begin with.


For the Eyes

Ranger, high levels, passive pet

Effect: Critical strikes of pet attack blind target for 8sec vs reflex

Why: To give some nice debuff abillity and late game utility, also synergized with passive for sneak attack.


Exalted Beast

Ranger, capstone tier IX, passive

Effect: All 6 statistic, penetracion, and armour rating are increased by 4.

Why: To have worthy capstone for pet, and good reason to remain pure to ranger ways. And to make pet somehow relevant with gear scaling. Also awesome factor.


Wyrmling Companion

Ranger, character creation

Effect: Add companion wyrmlings, which have lower health and attack speed but is ranged. Have modal to reduce dmg for aoe effect. Wyrmling splits mixture of fire and acid.

Why: Sometimes we have enought frontline, or relaying on other means, like chanter summons, or heavy cc. So there is simply no space for pets. Having ranged pet also prevents dead pet syndrome. Players want to learn how to train your dragon. Dragons are cool.


General Problem: Martial classes, have a lot of cool active abbilities, but like 12 points, when each abillity cost 1-3 of resource, so you can cast them 4 times, and you are dry. This result in using 1or2 active abillity and ignoring rest. This also makes MC better for wrong reasons, since it allows to use any abillity with double pool.


Zeal/Fury/Guile/Discipline Master and Grandmastery (two passives on two top levels)

Classes with said resource

Level VIII and IX  (not for MC)

Effect: Gain +3 of resource.

Why: So we can use all cool abillities.

Note: Does not apply to Wounds, Chants, Focus since this classes already has unlimited resources.


Inspiring Radiance

Priest, tier 5, changes Holy Radiance

Effect: Improve the healing (to 50 base) gives one inspiration depending on deity for 20sec

Berath: Intuitive

Skaen: Swift

Eothas: Robust

Magran: Energized

Wael: Brilliant

Why: Priest class abillity is not so inspiring, so we could invest into it to gain something end game worthy.


Punistive Radiance

Priest tier 5 changes Holy Radiance

Effect: Improves shaken to Terrified, additional negative effect for enemies for 20sec depending on deity:

Berath: Corrodive Dot

Skaen: Weakened

Eoathas: Blind

Magran: Take instant massive fire dmg instead.

Wael: Confused

Why: To make class feature more interesting and end game worthy.

Note: Does it stuck with Inspiring? Something to decide.


Divine Plan

Priest, Tier IX, Capstone, Passive

Effect: When Priest dies, god brings him/her back to life to complete divine tasks. Gain back full health, wears off negative effect, and get 3 random buffs. for 30sec.

Note: Fighters have similar effect, so it will be easier to code.



Cipher, Tier VIII, passive

Effect: generate 3 focus per 3sec

Why: Ciphers have strong class mechanic which push towards MC with something generating more dps, so we can use our powers. SO at tier viii or IX there could some alternative way to generate focus.


General Problem: Chanters are not best single class class, since at some point you just can sing 2 chants, and cast one invocation every 9-15 sec and nothing could speed it up. Which is great for multiclass, but worse in single.


Wisdom of the Past

Chanter, tier 1, passive

Effect: Each chant you know, grants +1 to all defenses including deflection.

Why: To benefit single chanters


Pride of the Past

Chanter, tier 1, passive

Effect: Each invocation you know, grants 3% bonus from might to all your powers and attacks

Why: To benefit single chanter



Chanter, tier 8, passive

Effect: Each time you finish chant send a wave of raw dmg around you in small radius.

Why: Big effect for single chanters


Voice from within

Chanter, tier 8, passive

Effect: Each time you finish chant, heal yourself for 10hp, and drop one negative effect (shortest duration)

Why: Big Effect for single chanters.




General Problem: Priest has a weak selection of spells with repeating problem of long casting time, short duration buffs, and low effect. Not worth casting time or spell slot. Especially tier 5 is weak.


Cold Wind Come with Her

Chanter, tier 8, Chant , 6sec 3sec linger

Effect: 20-30 freeze dmg against fort, and blidned effect to enemies.

Why: Tier VIII and IX chants are not that great.


They cryied on vision of their Doom

Chanter, tier 9, Chant , 6sec 3sec linger

Effect: Enemies are terrified for 8 sec vs will

Why: Tier VIII and IX chants are not that great.


The Heroes walked among mortals

Chanter, tier 9, Chant , 6sec 3sec linger

Effect: Allies gain Robust, Acute  and Energized Inspirations.

Why: Tier VIII and IX chants are not that great.



Ranger tier IV 1 bond

Effect: Jump to enemy 5m, and perform full atack with +10ACC. Like the beast you are.

Upgrade: Overhelming Pounce: Now you deal +25% more dmg, and your attack drops enemy prone.

Why: Something for stalker ranger.


Animate Weapon

Wizard, Tier 3, Conjuration, summon, 4.5s/3s, 30s d

Effect: Summon floating weapon dealing physical dmg of pierce/slash (it is more of the sword) attacking enemies around. You can control it as summon. It could be destroyed. Weapon has 2 engadments, deal high dmg with moderate speed.

Why: Conjuration needs more spells, just summoned personal weapons dont make sense since you use only 1


Bearing Berath Doors

This spell already exist at tier 5, it is just garbage

Change: Cannot die for 10sec, single target negative effect -5 sec, healing for 100  when ends.

Note: To have one good healing spell at each level.


Heavens Arsenal

Tier 5 Priest

Effect: Creates divine summoned weapons storm around priest targeting foes with random physical dmg pierce/slash/blundgeon . 10 sec duration. 20-30 per strike /3sec vs reflex.

Why: To have good dmg spell at tier 5 also physical dmg type is a theme.


Look from Beyond

Tier 5 Priest

Fluff: Enemies are shown abyss of Beyond.

Effect: Paralyzed for 6sec vs fort, Terrified for 20sec vs will.

Why: To have CC option if we want go that route. To have tier 5 spell which dont sucks.



Tier 5 Priest

Fluff: The soul of the single target is cast out beyond.

Effect: If vessel take 160 raw damage vs fort, and then if near death roll will or die. If mortal will save or 15 sec paralyzed and intargetable. Single target.

Why: Iconic Priest hate undead.

Note: Could be similar to Paladins ability so what?


Spring of Life

Tier 7 Priest

Fluff: Divine energy spring out of priest body healing allies

Effect: for 20sec every 3sec heal allies in 2.5 radius by 10HP and reduce negative effect by 1sec. Aura moves with Priest.

Why: Each level should have healing spell, so we can use other spells from levels which so far have healing.



Tier VIII Priest

Fluff: Deity bless allies with great wisdom.

Effect: For 20 sec allies in 5m aoe gain  Brilliance Inspiration. But Enemies are Dazed.

Why: If Chanter could regenerate resource so does could Priest.

Balance: PL gain low, since it may be too easy to stack PL so far.



Tier VII Druid Elements, cold

Effect: In Are of 2.5  summon a extreme cold wind not only dealing 70-90dmg of cold dmg vs reflex, but also paralyzing (freezing) those who fail fort test for 8sec.

Why: Apparently tier 7 of Druid does not have lemental spell or anything with dmg.


Scorching Dune

Tier VIII Druid Element, fire

Fluff: Scorching sun burns the area so it turns into desert.

Effect: Creates area of 5m radius of scorched dune. Everyone inside suffers hard terain, then roll fort or suffer 50 dmg of fire and weakened for 6sec.

Why: Variety of elemental spells at tier VIII, also nature, elements, aoe, duration is a theme for Druid.


Avatar of Nature

Druid Tier VII, Animal, 4.5 sec. no rec

Fluff: Infuse self with nature strenght

Effect: Self buff. For 30 sec gain inspirations: Energized, Robust, Swift, Intuitive

Why: At higher levels Druids turns too much into caster, and lost his inner beast


Phantom Pain

Wizard tier IV, Illusion

Effect: in area 2.5 foes are tormentet of vision of ghosty spikes piercing their body. Take a 40-50 pierce dmg and be hobbled vs will test.

Why: No good Ilussion spells at tier iV



Ranger tier VIii

requires ranged weapon

Effect: for 15 sec you suffer +25% recovery and reload, but all your attacks also target enemies in 2.5 radius around target.

Why: for good reason why to go full ranger.





There will be more i suppose.


And what is your idea?

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Nice work. I hope devs will take a look at this at some point. It would be sad to make such a developed system in your head only to be dissapointed later. I think most of your suggestions are valid. It would be great if devs took some inspirations from you - and it's less work for them! That's basically a win-win!  
And if not, modding abilities in seems possible, so I guess somebody could mod them in. I don't think they would be hard to code in and we could reuse some icons used in the game.
However, there are some things that I don't like:
- hard scaling with stats, balancing game about certain ability: Double Grip, Serpent Strikes. I think all options should be viable without passives, with passive working as slight upgrade, and I don't think solutions to weak two-handed/small weapons problems is adding a talent for them. And scaling abilities directly with stats doesn't seem in line with PoE design principles.
- bonus spellcasts for high-level abilities - I don't think giving access to spamming high level spells per encounter is a good idea. It would allow to cheese some fights and render low-level spells useless, as you would never use them having better options
As i see it, we definitely need more interesting passive options to customize your character - and we also need a system to encourage taking them. Right now, when all abilities draw from the same skillpoints pool active abilities and their upgrades are just more interesting, give you more flexibility and more power, especially in short fights, and especially for spellcasters. I would really like "talent" pool restored in PoE 2, making two separate skillpoints pools - one with active abilities and some class specific passive abilities, and one with general passive abilities and some class specific one. I think I understand why they were merged into one - with new skill and weapon proficiency systems devs could be afraid that it will overcomplicate stuff, but most talents are too bland to compete with class abilities at their own. With seperate pool however they could be fine addition.
That said, abilities ideas. I'm not going to bother with cool names. Some of them may repeat yours, if I have some changes in mind. Most of them were inspired by D&D... But so was Pillars of Eternity.
Weapon Focus
2 or 3 or 4 PL, General
DESCRIPTION: Bonus to accuracy with proficient weapons
WHY: To let characters to specialize in certain weapons and gain bonuses using them. Encouraging roleplaying. I don't think you should be able to pick it on PL 1, as bonus flat accuracy could be too powerful so early.
Bonus Spells (I-IV)
PL 2-5, Wizard, Priest, Druid
DESCRIPTON: Just guess
WHY: Spellcasters could use more low-level spells per encounter and it could give them way to buy useful passive abilities on early levels. I think PoE 1 model was near perfect, as I liked one PL delay before you could take this ability and I don't think you should be able to spam high-level spells with that
Spell Focus (Enchantment, Evocation, etc.)
2 or 3 or 4 PL, Wizard
DESCRIPTION: grant increased accuracy and duration with spells of chosen school
WHY: Spellcasters could use more useful passive abilities on early levels, helps focusing on chosen school. I think it should stay nice and simple, and more unique bonuses should go to specialist wizard classes, that should be buffed. Also it could help utilize new keywords system, which doesn't seem to give you many ways to play around except specialist wizards and some unique items. And it could let wizards specialize in some area.
Cipher Focus (Deception, Echo, Shred)
MID PL, Cipher 
DESCRIPTION: grant some unique bonuses, cool mechanics when using powers of certain class. I have some ideas. I think it should be more unique than spell focus, as 2/3 cipher subclasses don't give you new mechanics associated with keywords
WHY: New keywords system doesn't give you many ways to play around it. It could help make more interesting and unique builds. And it could let ciphers specialize in some area.
Druid Focus (Decay, Elements, Rejuvenation, etc.)
2 or 3 or 4 PL, Druid
DESCRIPTION: grant increased accuracy and duration with spells using chosen keyword
WHY: As before. New keywords system doesn't give you many ways to play around it. It could help make more interesting and unique builds. And it could let druids specialize in some area.
Priest Focus (Condemnation, Protection, Inspiration, etc.)
2 or 3 or 4 PL, Priest
DESCRIPTION: grant increased accuracy and duration with spells using chosen keyword
WHY: As before. New keywords system doesn't give you many ways to play around it. It could help make more interesting and unique builds. And it could let priests specialize in some area.
Lingering Chant
MID PL, Chanter
DESCRIPTION: prolongs chant linger
WHY: Chanters don't have much class specific talents.
Fast Chanting
MID PL, Chanter
DESCRIPTION: hastens chanting
WHY: Chanters don't have much class specific talents.
Bonus Power Pool
MID PL, Warrior, Barbarian, Ranger, Paladin, Monk, Rogue
DESCRIPTION: Grants +2 power pool
WHY: Non-spellcasters suffer from not having enough power pool points to utilize their abilities later on.


Basic and boring ablities, but I think we need some basic stuff before we start thinking about more wild ones. I think we need more options to customize and specialize your character in Deadfire, and it could certainly help.
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Modals to convert all weapon damage to energy type (maybe even spell damage if possible), but you can take only one.

This could be interesting if we could convert spells elements into choosen element, but with some damage lose.

There is problem of making enought spells of electricity, corrosive... but taking old spell and just changing color.

That could be one way to play ice witch.

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