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DLC Installs on a Mac--> Need Help


Ok...so I feel kind of stupid.  I bought POE 2 advance purchase with DLC Packs:  


Captain's Footlocker

Pet Cosmo

Tircorn Hat


I have POE 2 installed on my iMac.  All is good there.


I have the 3 DLC .pkg files downloaded onto my computer.  When I install them, it brings up my POE II application directory.  If I choose that, it creates another POE 2 folder inside that with another resources folder.   


This gives me the impression that it's not installing in the primary game folder but instead creating a nested folder that the game won't see.


So I reinstalled it and this time, rather than choosing my game directory, I chose the application folder (so it would install in the primary application directory..hopefully).


Problem is, I have no way of knowing whether the DLC installed correctly.  When I start the game, there is no indication anywhere that I can find that they DLC installed.


Is there not a list of DLC content that you have installed so you can verify?


Anyone else encounter the same thing?


Just looking for a level of confidence that the DLC that I Paid for is installed properly.


Thanks all.



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Hi iamthe1,


Is this issue still occurring for you on our latest patch? As mentioned we would need to know the platform in order to help address the matter.


Thank you!



I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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