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The AI setup is great, and is fun to see it sometimes working effectivly. However it could be better.

What are your ideas to improve AI setup?


Some ideas:

Self Max Focus - this is critical for Ascendant, or Soulblade, or any Cipher which is mostly autoattacking and dont want to lose bitting whip.


Target: Is immune to pierce/slash/blundgeon or element or Immune to affiliation - it is pointless to try to cast fire spell on something which immune to fire. Also having various immunities is a way to detect boss, and we may want reserve some actions only on bosses.


Delay n sec - some abilities are great, like circle of protection, just casting the at start is less effective, since it will be on wrong posiotion, so setting it cast  it after 30sec of combat would help. Same goes with summons, we may want to start summoning a bit letter.


Aura/Modal switch


With condition order list, button to kick condition on top or to bottom.


Target is Party Character 1-5, which allows to adress only specific companion based on his position on party icons from 1-5 (this will work best with different companion names, and mercs). Some buffs we want only on tank or dps.


Order: Attack! it is disturbing that i cant order to simply autoattack nearest target, or caster.


Order: Set weapon set 1-4. If target is immune to piercing switch to weapon set 2.

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I was making a list of conditionals that I wished to see, but I got bored before finishing it.  Here's a few...


A way to check immunities and resistances.  Example, Target: Resistant to dexterity afflictions.


A more defined way to specify # of targets.  Currently you use Target: Allies in melee range > 0 or 1.  They should have 2, 3, and 4, as well as <.  Perhaps not just rely on melee range too, something like..  Target:  Allies within 5 meters > 1.


Check for chance to hit.  If chance to hit is red I don't want the spell to cast.  Use the red-yellow-green accuracy ranges for the conditional.


Max focus, max wounds, etc.  Why would you give me the choice of 9 wounds but take away the choice of 10 wounds?  Ascendant absolutely needs a max focus check, plus my soulblade easily gets up to 150+ focus in a fight so why cap the check at 90?


Buffs that don't have inspirations need to be able to check for their own presence.  Something like Self:  Has borrowed instinct.


Conditionals organized into sub menus so more can be added without making an obscenely long list.


Meters to target, to prevent characters from doing the run around if their chosen target is to far away.  Something like Target:  > 10m away, or < 10m away (not).  Would also prevent the AI from seizing up when it can't reach its target. 


Ranger pet abilities.


# of Inspirations an enemy has for programming the use of arcane dampener or similar abilities.  Example.  Target:  Has 2 inspirations.  Target:  Has 3 inspirations.


A check for targets using long cast time abilities to program interrupts.   Example.  Target: Using ability with >3 cast time.


A greater than health check to stop heal casts when a target heals themselves.  You could program a heal as follows

Target: Less than 75% health

Target: Greater than 90% health (not)


I actually thought of many more, but didn't write them down, so if I do think of them again I'll put them here.

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Some of these may already be there and I just didn’t see them, but here’s a few quick ones I can think of:

  1. target === ally && partyMemberName === ‘Eder’ (or whoever you want to target specifically)
  2. I saw ‘self: animal companion active’, but it didn’t work for summoned creatures, so I’d like to see a ‘self: summon active’ check – because otherwise summons are occasionally unsummoned for a new summon if 2 behaviours invoke different summons
  3. A simple count function/feature: if (count(usedLevelSevenSpellTotal) === 0 && count(usedLevelSixSpellTotal) === 0 && count(usedLevelOneSpellTotal) !== 0) and so on...
  4. An autocomplete box for searching through the larger lists
  5. Tooltips for the various UI sections
  6. Definitely a tutorial for how a) behaviours are queued and prioritised – though it generally seems to work as expected and b) how multiple actions within a specific behaviour are prioritised, because this didn’t work as expected
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I would love if they were shareable.

I would also like the ability to combine setups, such as aggressive and cautious into one

Copy and paste sections into another set up.

When I add in abilities, such as Ondra's tentacles, the character doesn't keep casting it over and over, one after the other until they run out of power.

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I would love if they were shareable.


They already are.

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