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It's almost become a running joke that wild orlans have one set appearance, and all you can do is change their fur color.  :lol:


And I get it. Wild orlans are probably the least played character race. No sense putting so much work customizing a race that most players won't even play, and when you won't even run into that many NPC's of them. And since in-universe they're the least "humanized" of orlans, they don't have many hair or beard styles in-universe.


I guess it just felt like it made more sense in PoE1 because the character was so small that most physical features came from the portraits anyway. But with the characters being bigger and more detailed in Deadfire makes it feel a bit more iffy. 


Mostly I'm just confused on why Wild Orlans suddenly have blue eyes??


In the first game, our one set eye color was cat-like golden eyes, while Hearth Orlans (who had more head options anyway) had blue and green eyes. What changed? I wish we could at least customize our eye color, because I always took pride headcanoning that my girl had cat-like golden eyes.

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"Not I, though. Not I," said the hanging dwarf.

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Was a little disappointed by it honestly, since my first Watcher is a Wild Orlan and doesn't look quite how I envisioned them. I hope that maybe the eye color customization will be added later in game (Josh Sawyer mentioned twice that they were discussing it).

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from POE 1 :

Aumaua: 7
Coastal Aumaua: 1

Dwarf: 0
Boreal Dwarf: 1

Elf: 1
Snow Elf: 7 (3 with Glaswal)

Godlike: 10
Fire Godlike: 4
Nature Godlike: 2
Moon Godlike: 2
Death Godlike: 3

Human: 1

Orlan: 14 (5 with Captain Aldmar)
Hearth Orlan: 1
Wild Orlan: 1

Male: 7
Female: 12


From POE2 : 



44 Godlike 30 Orlan 17 Dwarf 10 Aumaua 3 Elf 2 Human



So...really , think if anything OSB is pushing for us to be short..and fluffy . Maybe it's a cc Limitation to that specie ? Or a bug maybe ?


I for one....don't care , cose even if Godlike got like 2 heads.....I'm a bit dissapointed in some of them . Take Nature Godlike....the 2 heads make them look more like plants..where they are supposed to have animals traits as well . And none of the portraits could fit the new heads . 


Btw...what make me think it maybe a bug..cose...I can't do that either with Godlike....you can change head , and hair colors..I guess . And it's not equal...Nature godlike get 2 heads..where fire godlike get 3.....and so on..


here hoping they add heads and customization in either a patch or a dlc . 

I'll bet ye've got all sorts o' barmy questions! (She mimics your heroic stance) Greetin's, I have some questions... can ye tell me about this place? Who's the Lady o' Pain? I'm lookin' fer the magic Girdle of Swank Iron, have ye seen it? Do ye know where a portal ta the 2,817th Plane o' the Abyss might be? Do ye know where the Holy Flamin' Frost-Brand Gronk-Slayin' Vorpal Hammer o' Woundin' an' Returnin' an' Shootin'-Lightnin'-Out-Yer-Bum is?


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I dropped Wild Orlan for Hearth Orlan in PoE 2 for the sake of being a qt.


At least they made Serafen so charming I forgive them for killing my choice to play as a Wild Orlan.


They need to fix the ears disappearing when wearing certain captain hat though.

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