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Why don't all the people complaining about challenge use Grog?

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I have to hand it to Obsidian, I don't know if Grog was a backer made pet, or Obsidian designed, it is hilarious either way.  We can all roll around with our own pet Grognard who makes all engagement rules go away.

What I find interesting is all the hard moders complaining about nothing in game to make the game harder other than the too easy PotD.  Get this little guy on your team and enjoy his "party wide effect".  Cause not only does he make everyone (including enemies) ignore all engagement, he also causes your characters to die if they go unconscious.

Just make starting the game with him a 3 point berath blessing :p.

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Many of the game's abilities are designed towards and synergized around in-combat revival. Same with engagement. It's a fun easter egg, but not really a solution to the difficulty.

I more just find it hilarious.  Also if you get knocked out and don't have an instant rez buff your character is dead with this pet off.  So it doesn't matter if you can cast an in combat rez spell or not.

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I don't think there's enough time or money in Obsidian (hell, any dev) to make a game as big as Deadfire that also has all of the combats handcrafted for PotD. Poor Codex.

Aloth massages his temples, shaking his head.

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Cause you can't use him from the start. Then I would use him. I would pay berath points for him. Just getting killed outright is worth it since it makes you change your tactic (like nuking your whole party together with enemies and then just getting up).


Also, Grog fixes this issue (acting completely idiotic in combat and not caring for losing anything), but not general difficulty (where monsters just explode after beginning of the game).

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