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Inconsistent value on items


Decided to take pictures of this before and after picking up the reward-type item, as I've noticed the inconsistency in value from time to time. Other times the value simply isn't listed on the pop-up box, like for gems and ingredients (not always, but sometimes).


Here you can see the very low value of a unique mace that I'm getting as a reward. It's probably the base value for a mace. The second image is from when I do the same right-clicking, but this time the item was in my inventory.


As you can more easily see when comparing the images side-by-side, the item type isn't listed on the first picture. Sometimes this can be frustrating as it's not always obvious what type of item it is.



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Those two maces differ in damage, accuracy, attack time and recovery time.  Could this account for difference in price?


Does anyone know if there some random stats involved in loot, or leveling of reward items based on when you get them that could explain this as an expected outcome?

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Happens with a lot of items (belts etc.) when previewing them with mouse-over or right-click when acquiring them in the little text-window. I noticed it for all the stuff you can get out of random locations like towers and ship-wrecks as well.

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