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Ranged weapon reload time does not drop below 3.1



My character sheet tells me my reload time is 1.7 seconds, however in fact it is about 3.1. Same with 2.3 seconds in the char sheet. Tested with a pistol and blunderbuss.

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Quoting MaxQuest: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/98679-mechanics-attack-speed-recovery-time-reload-time/page-4?do=findComment&comment=2033902



Now another problem:
My char sheet tells me my reload speed is 1.7 seconds, however the actual reload speed does not drop below 3.1 seconds. Looks like there is an animation speed limitation or something else preventing me from reloading quicker.

That's strange.

Just frapsed my attack + reload time with a Scordeo pistol, and counted the frames:
- got 24f (0.8s) for attack time, and
- 83f (2.766s) for reload time

While the tooltip was displaying 0.8s attack time and 1.0s reload time: image

As I understood, reloading animation (unlike recovery animation) is consisting of animation chunks that are played several times in a cycle, plus an additional animation of jitter at the end.
In case of pistols visually it looks like the character is taking bullets from his pocket and putting them into pistol's gunpoint; repeated n times. Each such chunk takes 57 frames (1.9s). And it looks like there can't be less than 1...


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Hi Sotnik,


This is being addressed by our programmers for a fix currently for a future build. Apologies for the inconvenience!





Hi, Caleb!


I have not noticed this issue (and many others) addressed in the new build. Did you mean another unspecified future build? :)

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