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Love the game, but the bugs and performance issues are ruining it!

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Being a Baldur's Gate *huge* fan, i played the 1st PoE, i finished it and i found it to be a really *great* game.
Naturally, when Deadfire was announced, i jumped on that Fig crowdfounding page right away and gladly contributed because i thought Obsidian would do an incredible job at delivering yet another superb RPG experience. And they kind of did...


Even though i absolutely *love* this game, i really do, (currently on my 2nd playthrough, more than 120 hours in), the bugs are slowly but surely ruining it for me to a point where i just can't look past them anymore.

Here are some of the bugs i got so far:

  • Buggy quests that are impossible to finish because the NPC cannot be interacted with. For example, Martino in Valera Estate for 'A Bigger Fish', after i killed the soldiers. I had the same problem with other quests as well.
  • NPC simply not showing up (Copperhead for example, in Splintered Reef's zombie inn, on my second playthrough).
  • Items disappearing from my inventory!
  • Untargetable enemy bodies standing there after a foe has been defeated. (very common)
  • NPC voices not playing or music not playing in certain areas (pretty rare though)
  • Keyboard keys (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)  not answering correctly for character selection (started happening on my 2nd playthrough, and i just can't fix it no matter what)
  • Character portraits switching between each others randomly (not very common nor annoying, but still)
  • Graphical glitches where my characters' cloaks kind of roll up on them and give them a fat belly look (happens all the time)
  • PoE1 game save choices not being taken into account correctly.

On top of that, and what might possibly be the most aggravating is the performance issues. My rig has an i7 4790k @4ghz, 32Go Ram, a 512Go SSD and a Geforce GTX 1070, and yet the FPS drop into the low 20 very often. Yes, i *do* have the latest drivers installed and my rig is clean. At times, for some reason, i can play the game at a normal 60 fps, but then i have to save, close the game and restart it every hour or so or it starts stuttering horribly.
Sometimes, i have no luck at all and whatever i do (game or PC restart), the game will slow down and stutter constantly.
Disabling the miscellaneous option in Graphics seems to solve the issue partly, but with the PC i have, i shouldn't have to resort to doing this to play a game like PoE at a stable 60 FPS.


I didn't post this in the support section because there is already a bunch of other threads reporting the same or similar issues.
This is more of a rant thread than anything else. I mean, *this* is the very reason why i never preorder games in the first place. My last preorder was Batman Arkham Knight for PC if you guys remember the fiasco...



So, come on Obsidian, don't lose your fans' trust. Don't be like some of those irresponsible and untrustworthy companies out there that don't give a sh*t and release games in a terrible state.

Please, pleeease, fix this mess.



- A PoE fan.





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I believe most of the issues you've been encountered have been posted about in the Technical Support area.


For example there are two Framerate threads -


Combat: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/99692-framerate-drops-in-combat/

General: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/97440-framerate-general-framerate-problems/


I encourage you, in addition to posting your feeling here, to post as much information about the bugs you've encountered on the Technical Support forum.  The more data the programers have the more likely they'll find and squash the bugs you've experienced for all players.

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I had issues with FPS getting to low 20's in Neketaka on my gtx 970. New drivers fixed it and now the FPS are around 60 all the time on max details. The only problem I have is slight screen tearing when moving the camera. Might force V-sync in control panel. I haven't tried that yet. So if you got FPS issues, check your driver and maybe run a clean installation of it.

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I am in the same boat as you, and have your exact specs and get the same performance as you.  I don't believe the micro stutter you experienced will ever get fixed totally.  It happened in POE 1 in certain areas of the game such as Copper Lane in Defiance Bay (not half as bad as in POE 2 where you get it everywhere and in combat) but not in combat so it was not as bad.  Every Unity engine game I play has micro stutter issues.  BATTLETECH has the same problems and they have patched the game and fixed it SOME but it is still there (uses Unity).  That being said maybe I am lucky but have had no save game state errors except Eder's and this one was fixed last patch (fingers crossed).  Why I have not had the save game state errors and you have with the same specs? no idea. 


I was really hoping they would delay the release as I felt it came too fast but I know money is not infinite and they must release at some point :(.  Overall I enjoy the game but the micro stutter drives me nuts sometimes.

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