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Framerate drops in combat



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I noticed this too in the same place. And many others. Entire exterior of Deadlight Fort, Tikiwara, ship battle during the prologue, Kraken's Eye Inn, The Hole, Kahanga Palace... I made some tests and I have most of the time 30 fps on minimal settings and below 10 up to 20 in crowded area. Lower framerate at night if there is fire in the background.


It's strange with i5-7600k, gtx 1060 6GB and 16 GB RAM on Win 10. I read a lot of complains how this game runs on GTX 10XX series and some people have it stable 60 and other like me run it in unenjoyable state.


It seems like your spec runs the game better.


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I am getting apparently random, often severe, frame rate drops and stuttering during combat, to the point where the game will actually seem to "freeze" for a second or two. It often occurs on as a result of pausing or unpausing, I think, but I can't find any other pattern to it-- i.e., it doesn't seem to depend on the size of the combat encounter. Lowering graphics settings has little to no effect on performance.


I have the following system specs (full specs attached):


Intel Core i7 6700HQ CPU @ 2.60 GhZ (8 CPUs)




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