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  1. Although many people seem to have been experiencing frame rate issues generally, I have been having a more specific one. The game "hangs" or stutters, but only really during combat. The whole screen will simply freeze for a second or so, and characters will seem to jump from one location to another as the game catches up-- like lag in an online game. This seems to cluster particularly around times when I pause or unpause the game, and ALWAYS seems to occur at the start of combat after I unpause the initial auto-paused state the game enters by default when combat starts. It's not game-breaking,
  2. I am getting frame rate drops as well, but oddly enough, entirely within combat... the framerate will stutter or hang during combat often enough to be annoying. I have a GeForce 960M.
  3. I am getting apparently random, often severe, frame rate drops and stuttering during combat, to the point where the game will actually seem to "freeze" for a second or two. It often occurs on as a result of pausing or unpausing, I think, but I can't find any other pattern to it-- i.e., it doesn't seem to depend on the size of the combat encounter. Lowering graphics settings has little to no effect on performance. I have the following system specs (full specs attached): Intel Core i7 6700HQ CPU @ 2.60 GhZ (8 CPUs) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 8 GB RAM DxDiag.txt
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