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Port Deadlight - Game Crash (Game loop running in background?)

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I'm experiencing a game stopping crash in Fort Deadlight.


I've just had a drinking contest, won it, and a guard comes down the stairs. I take the opportunity to go up the stairs, and the game crashes.


The odd thing is that although I the screen locks up and stops redrawing the audio continues in the background. So i hear the interactions playing out as if I'm still playing. The guard comes back up the stairs, tells me I'm not meant to be up there etc etc.


If I alt-tab out and try to return to the game screen it never redraws, I have to ctrl-alt-del to end the task.




I've included dxdiag, save 'just' before the crash and the output log in the ZIP file linked above.


Most of the output log is the following error repeated:


d3d11: failed to create staging 2D texture w=157 h=192 d3dfmt=65 [887a0005]



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Hi, Gomisan. I'm sorry you're experiencing this issue. We're getting this issue to our programming team and will have them take a look at it. Thank you for attaching those files, they really help and thank you for  your patience while we work to resolve this.

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Hey guys,


I just wanted to add that I am also experiencing this same issue in Fort Deadlight. I have not done the drinking contest.. and therefore have not walked up the steps on the left towards the forge, however I have been experiencing the crash just by moving the camera with the mouse and or WASD keys up towards the forge.


I thought I'd go and test if it's happening specifically over the forge or just the northern area of Deadlight in general.. so I moved my camera around the entire fort with no problems, and just when I got it over the forge the crash happened again, seemingly pointing towards the forge area as the potential problem. On this last occurrence (probably the 4th crash) after a moment my computer even gave me a BSOD mentioning my display driver.


My output log also had a similar bit of information repeating at the end, namely:

d3d11: failed to create staging 2D texture w=64 h=64 d3dfmt=2 [887a0005]
d3d11: failed to create buffer (target 0x1 mode 0 size 131072) [0x887A0005]


I've also uploaded the proper files for debugging: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6kokixr2sxjxazi/AAAUyCrAbQoxt522q-MhKStAa?dl=0


Please let me know if you need any further information on my experience. Thanks for all you do :)

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Hello again chaps,


In case Gomisan or anyone else that was having this problem is still watching this thread... I wanted to happily report that yesterday, after installing the newly released 1.1 patch, I infiltrated Deadlight without encountering any issues near the forge :D. While this was just my personal save/PC setup I can vouch for I might dare assume that the issue could well be fixed for all. 


Happy sailing mates! And thanks again QA/Programming-Team/Obsidian  :dancing:




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